Thursday, May 6, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #25 well um. i know a few of yall didn't know where i was coming from with the last #twitterkills thursday. but this one, anyone who has ever had a twitter account will understand me and feel my angry want to #twitterkill you till worms inhabit your body..

this week's @twitterkills thursday topic is: the extreme abuse of the RT button.

the point of "RT" is to quote someone who said something witty, inspirational, answered a question you asked, or said something you'd like to share with your timeline. it is NOT to be used as a tool to remind someone of what they JUST said to you. just about every twitter app & the web offers a "in reply to..." link. they do not need you to reiterate that shit for a whole conversation. STOP. RT'in. BULLSHIT. this also goes out to everyone who LOVES putting someone's name at the END of their tweet. either you're talking to them or you're not. make up your mind. if that tweet was for @gogetitgirl293, start off with that shit. because i don't know what either of you are talking about. i can't nor will i follow the conversation. so why do i want to see that shit? like for real....only time i @reply someone at the end of tweet is when i've @replied someone else at the beginning, i'm talking shit about someone, or i'm shouting someone out. other than that you'll never catch this type of shit on my timeline:

@studiogenius: yea and when you hit fire hydrant i was like omg @gofcukyaself
@studiogenius: then when the water was everywhere lmao @gofcukyaself
@studiogenius: hahahahaha i know @gofcukyaself

that's how stupid that shit looks to everyone else. no one knows what @gofcukyaself is saying. nor does that conversation sound interesting at all. it won't kill you to just @reply them. no, i'm not awarding you points for having friends on twitter. if you think your friend is interesting, go old school and do a #ff. or just say..."yall follow my boy @gofcukyaself". advertising your wack conversation will just lead me to unfollowing you.

and yes yall mofo's still RT'in @revrunwisdom, for whatever reason. i should take my shoes & socks off. attach a freddy kruger glove, 5 sharp knives, or 5 shards of broken glass on my toes and kick you inside your ass. seriously. just foot ass cut the fuck out of you. i told yall to stop that shit before. and i mean it. dude is retarded. don't wanna hear..."sometimes he's inspirational...". go to borders, barnes & nobles, or books-a-million and pick up, "quotes from dummies"...that's where all his material comes from. he just misquotes it to make it look like his sped ass could have actually came up with it. *smh* in disgust with yall.

taking my riffle out...*BAM*...*BAM*... *BAM*... *reloading*... *BAAAAAAAM*. putting the riffle down and grabbing the bazooka for you @revrunwisdom followers & RT'ers. *ppppssshhhhhhBAAAAAMMMPowBOOM*


luvlymskrissy said...

You know, I don't twitter often and mostly because of that RT bullshit. I can't stand it. I mean CANTSTANDIT! It irks me to no end. Its almost as bad as someone attention whoring on twitter filling up your timeline with a bunch of bullshit. Just ugh! Shoot em some more please!

I think I need to send twitter folks to come read this and maybe I'll be able to enjoy twitting more in my spare time.

hightopsandpearls said...

Well gee. Tell us how you REALLY feel about RTs.