Thursday, May 13, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #26

this week #twitterkills thursday #26 is dedicated to the people on twitter who try to meet you through your tweets. like seriously.

personally, i've met a lot of great people through twitter. a lot of folks who are a lot of fun, would be great to hang out with, and i think are cool as shit. then there are the people who i GIVE no indication that i want to be friends with. those are the folks that when i say..."i'm headed to the zoo..." they @reply me back and ask me what time like we gonna meet up there. if i say "i'm at perimeter mall.." even though they've just finished saying they were sitting around the house they say, "what store...i'm at the nike store..".

*seesmic raccon side eye*

it's the people you actually get a little scared to tell "what you're doing" or "where you're at", for fear that they'd actually follow you there. it could even be your exes who are stalking your twitter to see what you're up to. and magically show up some place you've just tweeted you were at. i'm not saying you can't be in the vicinity of a twitter friend and they say, "hey, i'm up the street...". but most of us know how we react to seeing a twitter friend in public by accident.

@studiogenius: i think i just saw one of my twitter followers...

*crickets*... (i am not saying WHERE or WHO...) no one ever ask who. because they are scared it was them. lol. but, i'm not talking about those kind of run ins. i'm talking about the people who you think live in Utah, but then you name a location and they surprise you with.."i'm up the street from you...". creepy. lol. turn your gps on, join 4square, put your locations in your tweets. watch how many people start telling you they are "close" to you right now. yet, they never actually say where they are. which makes you feel like a field mouse..and their stalker hawker ass is ready to swoop down and abduct you.

*aiming at your binoculars*...*pow* ,*pow* one for each eye. *aiming at your gps*...*pow*. *shooting at the google map directions in your hand *pow*


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

LOL!! No lie, this ish happened to me about two months ago. I was out with some friends and this dude just walked up to me and had my avatar full blast zoomed in on his phone (I have another personal account mind you) and was like, "Yo is this you?" I say, "Wait, WHO THEE FCUK are you?!?" That mess was so scary. He quickly told me that he follows me on Twitter and recognized me. I asked for Twitter credentials and searched my list and saw he was legit. I was still creeped out though!

Isis said...

hmmm i wonder if i ever crossed your path & didn't know it.

in other news, i'm glad the only ppl i would run into from twitter (for the most part) are people i would be more than glad to see.

sunshinestar110 said...

That's exactly why I never really give me exact location!! the world is full of crazy people and I would rather not run into them crazies at all

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@starrla monae: i believe that shit. yanno how ppl recognize folks off of america's most wanted. some people are talented at picking folks out. that shit does seem real creepy that he had it already zoomed in tho. lol..

@isis: personally i am not really good at noticing anyone. folks i know and have seen a million times i'd could walk right past. i am a name person. i can remember folks first, last even middle names, birthdays shit like that. but faces. eh not so much. if we passed each other, the only way i'd notice is because i keep telling you, you look like one of my exes and i'd probably confuse you for

@sunshinestar110: not only not run into them, but not give them a direct way to find my ass either. it's only time before a "twitter killer" appears & starts wrecking havoc and shit.

Isis said...

i didn't mean literally face to face, b/c i have no idea what u look like,
it's just that you mentioned perimeter mall & i live right by it & am always up there for 1 reason or's like oh yeah, you're really a real person beyond the internet, like i could actually see you in public & not even know it.

i dunno if that made sense to you but anyway, i wanna see a pic of this ex. the only person i ever get told i look like is my pops