Thursday, May 27, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #28

this week's #twitterkills thursday #28: goes out to...@ihatekatstacks bitch...

if you get twitter famous by sucking & fucking, you need to be #twitterkilled. once for being trifling. the other time for embarrassing your mama. oh wait, her mama's doing videos with her too?..#twitterkill @ your mama too. but can't blame the groupies. who's fault is it that chicks like kat stacks are annoying the masses? it's yall damn fault.

yes i admit her annoying ass entertains me with her fuckery. it's funny to laugh at the dumb dudes who continue to fuck with her when it's obvious she's out for blood. she is literally changing the game with her 411 sessions of all your favorite rappers (who actually when you think about it, aren't your favorite rappers at all. she's actually doing them a favor because no one's been checking for any of them in a minute). so why is it yall fault? because if you follow @ihatekatstacks you encourage her fuckery on a different level. it's not about laughing at her being stupid anymore. by following her it's her getting recognition for her foolishness. this chick not only thinks she's fine. she thinks it's sexy to be a gangsta bitch drinking vodka straight with her titties sitting on her earlobes. while i enjoy titties sitting on earlobes, i can not endorse that foolishness. if i don't see it on www. then i don't see it at all. i could never follow someone that annoying on a regular bases. cause let's face it, we all know a hoe that annoying in real life. are you following her? no...well why the hell are you following @ihatekatstacks?

in fact what ms. stacks (cause i'm nasty) really showing you is, sleeping with these pu$$y hungry rappers is easy. if katty can continue to get with these dudes even after it's obvious you shouldn't NEVER give her your number...then anyone with some nice titties and a big ass can do the same. i'm convinced all you gotta do is focus your attention on one dude. don't cheat on @bowwow with @SouljaBoy, it's obvious they gossip with each other too much. if you're gonna be a successful twitter groupie, target the young & dumb rappers one at a time. the one's who yes..could walk into any mall and take 6 chicks home, but they so young & dumb they do that then get on twitter looking for some more chicks to speed up their quest for HIV. then start feeding their ego. then (because all of them do it) participate in one of their "twitter after dark" sessions. and if you catch their'll be at their house in a a cab in about 3-4 hours later. why follow @ihatekatstacks..when you can BE @ihatekatstacks? just a friendly PSA. i want you ladies to be leaders, not followers. don't follow the the hoes.

loading up a syringe cocktail....gardiasal, valtrex, monastat...*POW* {kat stacks laugh} *tee hee*

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