Friday, May 14, 2010

manfive friday #43

women LOVE to say that there is a double standard when it comes to them. but they never talk about how there is a double standards when it comes to men.

manfive friday #43 topic of the week: double standards...they happen to all of us.

yea it's said that men can sleep with whoever they want. while women can't. it's said that men don't have to care about image..but women are constantly objectified. it's said that men can be tyrants in business, but women are viewed as bitches for doing the same thing.'s true. women are victims to a lot of stereotypes. but there are also double standards when it comes to men as well. 5 situations women play the double standards card against men...

#5: women can criticize & critique, a man can't..

you ever watched maury, where the dudes are calling their chicks fat pigs. telling them they'd be more attracted to them if they lost weight. the second a man opens his mouth to call a woman fat, even if she IS fat..he's wrong. not saying men are held to a universal standard like women are. just saying women got so many different words for calling themselves 'not' fat. a man is just fat & is supposed to love you regardless. even if you're 750 pounds and have to be air-lifted out the house. i am not allowed to joke or say anything about you breaking the sofa, chairs, or toilet. but you'll call me fat all day. the second a man sees a flaw and comments on it..he's wrong. i can't sit with my chick and tell her things i don't like about her, without a fight. women do not process criticism the same way. there is no creative way to say you don't like something. maybe it's because women are forced to concentrate on their image. so saying something about it brings out insecurities that men just don't think about. whatever the case, fastest way to end up cut, alone, or cut & alone is to tell a woman about her physical flaws. we cannot be honest about that shit, even if you ask us to. so men, don't ever fall for the.."just be honest, i won't be mad" shit. that is a bold ass monkeyfucking lie. serious. don't do it..

#4: women can be broke, men cannot..

listen, there are JUST as many broke chicks as there are broke men. go to any college campus. there are just as many chicks who are taking their change to coinstar to buy their tampons, as there are guys counting change to get gas money. the difference, who cares if a woman has money? a dude is NOT allowed to be broke. it don't matter what your circumstance is. women want a man who can at least take care of himself. women don't aspire to be with a man she has to take care of. not saying there are women who end up taking care of bum dudes. just's not a "good look". but men will date a woman with welfare money all the way up to a woman with oprah money. it does not matter.

#3: women can be friends with whoever, men cannot..

a woman can be friends with whoever she wants. if she wanna be friends with her ex, she'll do that. if she thinks it's okay to hang out with her girls, and some of their random dude friends she will. it's retarded how many times a chick will actually be hanging out with a chick and her boyfriend & a male friend of the boyfriend. that shit sound like a double fucking date to me...imagine, your dude telling you he was hanging out with his homeboy. "oh by the way his girlfriend & one her friends was hanging out with us too". someone dying tonight.... because women automatically don't trust it. yall don't trust us (even if we give you no reason not to..), but the kicker yall also don't trust the other chicks. you can tell me a chick that has never flirted with me a day of my life. a chick that i've known longer than you, "wants me..". but i can't say the same about your guy friend you allow to crash at your place when he's in town. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF. HERE.

the truth is, women always think you should TRUST their friends intent more than your friends. meaning...i should think my homegirl wants to get with me, but i should trust your homebody don't want no part of you. again. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF. HERE. i will NEVER trust your friends intent more than my own, yanno why? cause they are my fucking friends. unless my homegirl is walking around my room naked with honey targets all over her body, singing, "i want want me...." you can't tell me she is no more of a threat then your homebody. you don't trust chicks, guess what i don't trust dudes. keep your male friends, and make my life a living hell for trying to maintain friendships with females. and men..forget about making NEW female friends. women can do it. women can talk to dudes all day on twitter, facebook, myspace, gchat, whatever. but let a man talk to a chick on any of those sites and his chick is all over his shit making dumb comments to the chicks (yanno, i'm telling the truth). with men if a chick was not your friend before the start of your relationship, there is absolutely no way to make her your friend unless she comes through your chick. way of winning that one..

#2: women can have passwords to shit, men cannot..

again, women don't trust you...even when they do. just having a password bothers the fuck out of women. my chick wakes up with her phone. takes it to every room she goes in. it stays on vibrate. she's always texting, bbm'ing, tweeting, etc. i have NEVER picked up her phone exploring it. her soon as she saw my phone, "what's the pattern?". shit even my mom, my cousins all have tried to figure out the pattern. what is up with that? what is it about not being able to access shit makes you think there is some magical information you're missing out on? to women having a password, means you're hiding shit. so it's like, "well if you're'll give it to me". what you don't understand is it's my phone. it's my voicemail. it's my email. it's my computer. it's mine, mine, mine....and the most fucked up thing is most times the password is something simple like your birthday, a child's birthday, an anniversary, his lucky ass number. not to mention the information it's protecting don't be shit either. unless you catch a man cheating, find out a surprise for you, or find animal midget male porn guarantee you'll be unsatisfied with what you find once you crack his code anyway.

#1: woman can look at whoever, men cannot..

women love to say, "did you see her ass?...that's crazy". ok, let's reverse this. if my chick doesn't notice a chick's ass first and i say..."did you see her ass?...that's crazy" #fail. #fail. #fatfailwhale. if a chick's homegirl is wearing something really hoe-ish. are we allowed to comment? NO. are we allowed to even acknowledge we see another female? NO.

but it doesn't stop there. they can lust after any dude on tv or a movie. they can say, "he's cute", "he's attractive", "whew....". if i even act for a second like i think a chick on tv made me look twice, the tv is going off. if i mention a model *cough toccora cough*, then i'm automatically saying i want her, that's my type, everything that my chick doesn't have that she has..i want so i'm going to cheat. we can not say shit. we can not look at shit. even with chicks who say, "i don't mind if my man looks..". you'se a lie. you'se a monkeyfucking lie. yanno how i know? because the second his eyes follows that ass down the street, as soon as he turns to you you're gonna be staring at him giving him the evil eye. you're gonna mention it later. you're gonna get mad. because no one likes to think the person their with has eyes for someone else. the only reason dudes don't care about you because we are under the (false) illusion that you're not going on where. so go head lust after these shirtless heathens in your honey, upscale, ebony, essence magazines. i know you're gonna be rubbing my belly later on, i ain't worried. lol..


JStar said...

LMAO@these...You be soooo on point man...

#5- I AGREE TOTALLY!!! Women are naturally self consious-Even when they act like they arent...

#4-Oh soooo true...Although I took care of a bumb one more than one occasion...But now...He ATLEAST gotta take care of his own....But yea me bein broke, I can get almost any man lol...

#3-Now I disagree with this NOW...Didnt used to...I dont think we should have friends that we used to mess with romantically....I have 1 male friend who is like a brother to me...but I dont think its wise to keep many friends...Most men will keep it back in their mind "if they get the chance"

#2-I have seen this many times...I DONT give my passwords to ANYONE but my daughters and I will NEVER ask or even try to figure out someone passwords...I have a privacy issue...I respect that...If I am suspicious...I will ask you to show me without warning lol...On the spot ya ha ha

#3-I am a different breed on this one and I'd rather not give details lol...But I wouldnt get mad if he pointed it out...It turns him on for me to look and enjoy it lol...But a woman spots another beautiful woman wayyy before a man has even seen her..and she will watch you to see if you look...Even when you are trying to play it off...We notice...

Krissy said...

For women in general I have to agree with all of those.

ms.rubies said...

buhahahahahahahahahaha #thatisall

elle said...

I almost flipped my laptop right out of my lap.
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U !
Quite frankly, if I can do something, so can you.
I just, like this entire post just sums up my all of my feelings on double standards.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@jstar: thank you kindly...i'm with you on the "no friends you used to date". i hate that shit. i feel that leads to nothing but trouble. but it never fails. i always end up with a chick who has an ex as a friend.

@krissy: glad you agree..

@ms. rubies: hahahahaha #thatisall back to you lol

@elle: you are W-E-L-C-O-M-E! i feel the same way. if you can do it, i should be able to do it too. i try to initiate that in my relationships but chicks are never with the restrictions on them, yet they put the same one's if not more on me.