Thursday, March 4, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #16

okay today's topic is brought to you by the people who are defined by their twitter. no, this is very different then the people who's lives revolve around twitter. these are the people who get twitter famous and twitter starts to define who they are.

i know you've seen them. the one's who you'd assume would have a verified account. you'd assume to see them on tv, a movie, a music video, a magazine cover, or hear them on the radio. simply because they talk big shit. they are the one's with the bio lines that read like a "who's who" list of importance. yet, you struggle to understand where their fame is. they could even have 3000 followers reinforcing their foolish idea of fame. like seriously 3000 people have been fooled into thinking this person is famous or could ever be.

today's #twitterkills thursday topic is: people who are too famous for twitter & themselves.

i saw a dude tweet the other day, "why don't struggling artist try to join the illuminati to bolster their career". what part of, "exclusive" club don't you understand? just because YOU think you're destined for fame, talented writer, singer, producer, model, actress, actor, etc.. does not make you one. read the bios of people who are doing shit. there is NEVER a "i'm this/i'm that..." you just know they are. you only see D-list actor, singers, etc. putting that shit in their twitter bio.

my twitter bio reads: " i've been fu©king this chick named music circa '76... "

you can take what you want from that. you can think i'm a established musician. a basement producer. a struggling artist. an intern. errand boy. a secret superstar. i like to fuck chicks name music. whatever the fuck you wanna take from that. take it. it's not there to impress or brag. it's just a bio statement that if you know me describes me. please people choose your bio statements wisely. you never know when one might get you #twitterkilled. or #twittermocked.

POW-pow-you un-famous bitch Pow.


Beyond Danielle said...

I've deleted my twitter all together, I'm tired of the fake superstardom and talk all day about nothing, when I put something productive I feel like no one feels me. I've decided it's not for me.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: damn when did you delete your twitter and WHY? shit. go get twitter back. now. or i'm gonna #twitterkill you. POW. lol

thedailydoc said...

ROFL! You are crazy for that last line! Sadly, some folks are defined by their online personas. Sad, but true. I know a guy like that. Claims he's not, but he is.

Supastarrr said...

These are the Tila Tequilas && Speidis of the world. Live for attention && they probably aren't doing shit aside from begging people to follow them.