Thursday, March 11, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #17

this week's #twitterkill is dedicated to all those people who can be your friend outside of twitter, but not on twitter. like really what is that shit about?

today's #twitterkills thursday topic: "why we ain't friends on twitter, bitch".

i mean there are tons of ppl i do not friend on twitter, that i know are on twitter. could be i just don't like you. could be i just don't want you in my business. could be you're boring as fuck. could be a variety of reasons. i'm not talking about selective discrimination. i'm saying people who you know for real, could even follow you on twitter, but you don't acknowledge their ass.

first off, if they follow you...but you don't follow them. you wrong. if they are your friend outside of twitter, bite the fucking boring bullet and friend them on twitter. ain't nothing crazier then someone you'd hang out with, see here & there...but won't follow back on twitter. i know they may be annoying. i know they may drive you crazy, but if they are you actual friend and you do deal with them...what are you doing beside being an ass by not following them back?

next, if you shout-out ALL your other friends. if you say, me and @_goldenmind_ are at dave & busters about to superman these hoes in "dance dance revolution" and @juiceboxbunny is also with yall...why the fuck you only shout out one person? you wrong as fuck for that.

lastly, all you twitter love haters, who "don't want people in your business" and won't follow, tweet, or act like you're with your boyfriend/girlfriend *mean mugging* my girlfriend for being on super stealth mode when she's with me like she can't let her other boyfriend know. yes, i'm a tad bitter cause i think it's stupid. if i'm supposed to claim you in front of everyone, why is twitter so different? next time we go out to the movies you walk 5 people behind me, pay your own ticket, sit 3 rows in front, & call a cab. cause "i don't want people in my business" at the movie theater either.

when we're together her twitter whereabouts are unknown. but let her ass get back to the airport:

when she's with me..twitter timeline looks like a ghost town, then. . .

@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: chilling in this airport.
@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: walking over to chick-fil-a in this airport
@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: talking to this lady at the counter, she told me her twitter name is @ladyatthecounter, now i follow her.
@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: waving @ladyatthecounter, hey girl!
@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: getting on the airplane, so many people!
@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: currently following these new people on the plane...@ladywiththebaby @manwhocoughsonmyneck @flightattendantwithdrinks
@superstealthgirlfriendwhodon'tfollowme: can't wait to get home so i can hang out with @randombitchfriend @randomfriend @randomfriendofbitchfriend @coolfriendwhohangswithrandombitchfriend @randomcousin @randomcoworker @randombitchfriendwhoisNOTevenontwitter!

get my drift? she won't say shit to me, about me, around me..but let her ass get some place else and on any day without gps i could find her location and snatch her up by her hair. i'm gonna start tweeting i'm with my other twitter friends WHILE i'm with her. let her go twitterstalk me and see that shit. be just doing that shit for "shits & giggles".

@studiogenius: me and @mzaunatural stealing lobsters out the lobster tank at red lobster
@studiogenius: me and @_blac_star dressed as slaves at this years annual KKK meeting
@studiogenius: me and @100K are at "hoe's gone wild 2010"....

i bet she'd be like..."wtf?" but anyway, i'm #twitterkilling you... yes dear, you're getting #twitterkilled & #twitterkilled w/ no condom (might i add..)

aw baby i like it raw......POW


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but gf is bogus of that shit lol. I don't have a bunch of followers on twitter nor do I follow a lot of people but I do however have my actual friends as twitter friends lol. Even if I don't read their timelines or@reply to them. It doesn't hurt anything to have them there. The world isn't in ur business if u don't put it out there. But damn who u date even if u don't say their names when ur with them, u can at least shout ur boo out lol

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@luvlymskrissy: "u can at least shout ur boo out" <---exactly.