Thursday, March 25, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #19

one of my twitter friends tweeted this this morning:

you know #twitterisaproblem when you almost run a red light bc you're driving and checking your timeline. *logs off and hides twitter app*


now this same person, also texts and drive as well. in fact she's ALWAYS tweeting & texting. i admit sometimes i'll reply to a text while driving. very carefully. and usually never when my son's in the car, unless i'm at a light. but this is for all of yall tweeters who can't even break to get to your location safely.

twitter really can kill in this instance, not just emotionally. not to say you can't use it responsibly. there are a few ways to tweet responsibly and drive. and i know some of you hardcore crazies are gonna say there are no ways. the same way you think someone semi drunk can't make it home. it can be done, you just have to use extreme caution and observe the tweet rules.

tweet rule #1: only read text when you're stopped, at a traffic light or stop & go traffic.

tweet rule #2: reply with quick tweets when you're on a stretch of road or you've located the car in front of you and have allowed for that one asshole who wants to cut you off to dart in between yall.

tweet rule #3: NEVER, tweet with your phone above the steering wheel for someone else to see what you're doing. if the police see you or if you do get in an accident and they say, "they we're looking down" you can simply say i saw something moving around in my car. they don't know what the fuck you were looking at. don't give the the amunition to fault you for them squeezing their brakes because they can't drive & the cop for wanting to give you a ticket for breathing and whatever else he finds when he stops you.

tweet rule #4: if you can't multitask, don't do that shit. if you can't take your ass on when the light turn green. if you can't glance down and drive at the same time. if you continue to hit your breaks every time you hear the notification, you are not BUILT for twitdriving.

tweet rule #5: NEVER try to catch up on your timeline while you're driving. that shit will still be there when you stop or get to your location. let that shit breath. no need to scroll or to check back at what someone else said. if they say, "what was that in reply to?"..don't go looking for that shit.'re driving. you are operating a vehicle. you don't have time for that shit. let them be clueless for 30mins-hour.

if you follow these rules, you may be alright. i can't vow that you won't be arrested or won't get in accident. so i'm saying. be careful. engaging in dangerous behaviors should be at you're own risk. you can't blame me. but this is for you tweeters in the front holding me up at the green light because you're trying to look at someone's twitpic of their cat...POW, take your ass on.


sunshinestar110 said...

Thats how u know you need to chill with the technology stuff when u almost kill yourself trying to see whats going on!!!! Its all entertainment all of it will still be there when u stop its ok to wait.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: true that. i'm saying seeing that one person "tweeting about getting an "A" in chemistry class will be so less important when you're insurance rate is going up for hitting that old lady in front of you with the three kids in the car seats. and the two cats. lol.