Sunday, January 3, 2010

Manfive Friday #24

Again, sorry for the delay. Manfive Friday topic of the week: 5 ways a man can ruin your New Years Eve...

it's no secret, NYE is a time for couples. it's the time most of you ladies are looking for your man to kiss you at midnight. other's are looking for a man kiss. either way. this is a warning for 2011 (since i was too late for 2010).

5 ways your man can ruin your NYE are:

#5: he wants to hang out with his boys instead of you..

yea, i know the idea that he'd want to spend the night with anyone else but you seems preposterous. but check it, sometimes a guy doesn't realize how important a "day" or a "night" is to you. so when his boys throw out the word..."Miami", "Liquor", & "Yachtboyfresh", it doesn't dawn on him he's letting you down by not being your NYE buddy. nothing personal, just saying.. what do you do?...get your girls..go out & enjoy yourself too. one monkey don't stop no show..

#4: he mistakes watching the "ball drop" with the basketball game

you told him friday night you wanna watch the ball drop. and he looks at you with excitement and agrees readily. hmm..that seems a bit odd huh? yea, cause he thought you were referring to the basketball game, not the glittery ball of light in time square (or for my GA folks..the peach drop). imagine his discontentment once he learns what you really meant. and what he really agreed to. and imagine yours when you miss the ball drop because he's flipping back & forth to the game and flips back at 12:01am...what do you do?..wait for the game to be almost over & walk over and unplug the tv at a game winning/changing moment. show him what it's like to miss something that you may never see again..

#3: he's a no show

you got that new dress. you got the champagne ready. you got party plans or a intimate night in front of the tv planned. you've waited 20 minutes, now 40 minutes..eventually an hour passes. you call, no answer. you continue checking outside for his car to show up. you call your girl and talk shit about him for about an hour or so. midnight comes & goes..and you finally realize he's not coming. what to do?..enjoy your fucking night. don't let one person ruin the fun. truth is, most women have a dude in their phone that would come through and do some NYE's kissing. don't let the night go to him & twitpic a picture of you & dude kissing w/ an @reply to him that reads "sorry you missed NYE's..managed to have fun without you though"...

#2: you catch him kissing another chick at midnight

needless to say, this will probably piss you off the most. imagine sitting around waiting till midnight. you get up go get a drink for the big moment. or hit the ladies' room just before the countdown and come back to him kissing that chick that's been looking at him since yall got there. yea, she was an opportunist & he's an asshole, but you still missed your "magic moment". what do you do? fight one of them. pick your battle wisely tho. if she looks a little hoe-ish she probably can fight. so uh yea. unless you're bigger or down for it choose him. hopefully he won't try to fight you back so it'll just be about you taking him upside his head with your heels.

#1: goes to sleep before midnight

this is #1 because it happens the most. what if the one you wanna kiss is snoring next to you or in the next room? what if the black eyed peas bored him to sleep during the NYE's pre-show? what if he worked all day & was just plain tired. you can't blame him for that right? truth is, if he's with you..that's all that matters. kissing someone on NYE's is just a show of affection towards the one you love. you don't have to kiss to ring it in on that note. just be thankful for you're loved ones & the fact that God's blessed you with yet another year..

Happy New Year! lets leave all the negative shit in 2009. start the new year off right with a new attitude, new outlook, & the belief that it can only get better.


Beyond Danielle said...

Why do ppl cook black eye peas on new years.

I give up on NYE dating. I've experienced every single one of your 5 reasons

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: i'm sorry, dudes are jerks. don't let a bad experiences (bad dudes) sour you on NYE dating.