Thursday, January 7, 2010

#twitterkills thursday #8

we've had a resurgence of the stalkertwits. this week's #twitterkill thursday is dedicated to those great folks who check & refresh your profile yet never click that "follow" button.

yanno i'm talking to you stalkertwits out there. in fact i'ma guarantee i have a few of my stalkertwits reading this blog right now. they are also blogstalkers. it's those ex's that suspiciously know what's going on with you & you ain't talked to them in months. it's the one's that sends you those messages, "hey just saw your new picture, made me think of you....just saying hello".

umm...saw my new pictures where? cause the only new picture i've put up was on my twitter and you aren't on twitter. or are you? maybe you're just on MY twitter.

now you get a pass if your catching your current boy/girlfriend cheating or being unruly. sometimes you have to quietly peep what's going on in their twitter universe. yes i said it. sometimes you do have to check that dude that's always kissing her ass.."oh everything looks nice on you...". *cleaning gun as i type this..* . but for the most shouldn't stalk no ones twitter. and if you do, you shouldn't ever tell them. resist the urge. kinda like you resist the urge to actually follow them. it's kinda spooky, scary, & stalkerish. and no matter the compliment they think you're weird & makes them want to make their shit protected. just a heads up.

and if you're my ex. and you're reading this..fuck you upside the head with a fucking dirty ratchet dipped in rabies & chicken swine flu blood. bitchbitchbitchbitch..made you mad yet? you gonna EMAIL me or TEXT me out the blue now? start a fight about an old pack of gummi bears you left in my car? yea, i ate them. they are GONE. long gone & they tasted so good. best gummi bears in the world. naw i'm just playing..i got your gummi bears. where?..on deez nuts. you want some gummi nuts? (ok, i'm done being

twitterkilltwitterkilltwitterkill---> P O W


Beyond Danielle said...

Well guilty.... because I read tweets that I don't follow and their blogs too. But not because I'm being nosy but because I find it interesting and entertaining. And I absolutely love when the person I twitstalk makes it aware that they know I'm reading. Because they always say the most indirect things that pertain to me. Who cares, you put your buisness out there for everyone to read right. I don't worry about people I know reading I worry about people stalking my page that I don't even know. Like they go to twitter read my tweets, go to my blog read that, and then all of a sudden they're sending me emails on a daily basis. That's scary.

sunshinestar110 said...

*raising hand* Guilty I, to like Beyond Danielle do read blogs and twitter pages that I don't follow. I mean sometimes they say interesting thing but may not be interesting person...sorry?

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: there is nothing wrong with occasionally reading someone's blog or twitter and be like ok..that was good. i'm talking about when their blog or twitter is saved in your bookmarks and you go to it everyday. and you never comment, never say nothing, but read faithfully and gps where they are tweeting from. that's when it's not ok.

@sunshinestar110: if they aren't interesting why are you reading it to begin with? i know the whole.."sometimes ppl's RT's is better then their entire twitter. but if you keep checking them why not just add them?

@the-both-of-you: this twitterkill was to ex's who are being nosey and peeping your twitter everyday or on the silent trying to see what you're up to instead of just hitting you up.

Beyond Danielle said...

@tha I know your point of view it's just funny to me because I know that I'm guilty of this and now I'm it's confirmed that I'm not the only one who does this.

And if I would of read on my stalkee page what you left for your ex to read I would def. be calling you right up! LOL!!!

xxxx said...

haha love the ending.. "you want gummi nuts?" *dead* and you havent been on twitter lately.. whats up with that?

Cyn said...

OMFG! I totally love the ending! LOVE IT!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: see that's your critical mistake. don't let shit like that get to you. that's the point of them saying it to see if you care. even if it pisses you off, it's the "i care too much" NOT to say nothing that gives them the pleasure. because secretly in their mind they don't know if you've read it or not. so you confirming you did, lets them know to continue.

@xxxx: i have been on twitter, just not on assualt mode. i'm back a little more, but i'm start hitting up the tweets like i'm doing a bid now...bulk up my update #'s lol

@cyn: thank you..i'm saying. some chicks like gummi nuts.

RoByn LaTice said...

lmao @ the gummi nuts! Too funny! & I guess I'm kinda guilty of this. Does facebook! Well correction I USED TO BE guilty of this. BUT he was checking my page WAY more than I checked his..he just didnt know I knew. I had to make sure he was well off! Mhhhmm, thats the excuse Im sticking with!