Thursday, November 26, 2009

#twitterkills thursday #2

this week #twitterkills thursday when: mutual friends tweet shit you say to them through text or on other social medias

ok, have you ever said something on twitter, in a text, or on another social media and not thought about the impact it would have if it trickled down the totem pole? like for instance if i follow you on twitter, i'm a friend on myspace, but we aren't friends on facebook. so i say some shit on facebook, thinking you'll never see it or hear it. but then my mutual dumbass friend tweets it with a #fb hashtag. sounds like a #twitterkill huh? or if i'm partying it up big dog style and i text my boy, "man i'm so drunk, these girls about to be in trouble tonight". and he takes it upon himself to tweet, "GNR @studiogenius, dude say he so drunk these chicks are in trouble tonight...". and just so happens my chick follows him. you get the direction i'm headed right? total #twitterkill. now i admit, sometimes i'm guilty of this. it's called not really thinking. after all, how do you know what information is so pertinent that it shouldn't be shared? how do you remember you're dude's chick or friend is following you and maybe you should just let those comments stay between the two of you? needless to say...once it's tweeted it's all over. especially if you got a chick who already pregamed you with the "you better not be looking at no other chicks tonight" speech before you left. it's not even your fault, well maybe it is for having a clueless friend (or maybe they aren't clueless at all, maybe it's some sort of sabotage)

nevertheless, someone's getting a double #twitterkill. just two of them, in both eyes. pow. pow.


the.kisser said...

lol...oh no! twitter has the ability to ruin lives. cause ppl to get bitter and shit.


Beyond Danielle said...

yeah that's why I'm extra careful of what I say on what site and also who I allow to follow my FB is nobody who follows my twitter, myspace, etc. FB is private!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@the.kisser: you jest, i'm serious. it's not a life ruiner. but it could ruin a relationship. sometimes petty things are just what it takes.

@beyond danielle: you have to be these days. it's so easy for everything to get back. google your twitter name. if your twitter isn't private you can see everything you've said in some kinda capacity. that's why you never link your real name to shit like that. it's that easy for your mom, your boss, your in laws, find your ass.

sunshinestar110 said...

*raising hand slowly* I to I'm guilty of the same thing..sorry? Its hard to remember all the ppl who is following you especially if yu have more than 10 followers...sooooooo...I just prepare everyone for all my foolishness.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

#GUILTYASHAYLE and I don't care! LOL. It's my timeline and I feel like I can say whatever THEE heck I want. I have a twitter page that I use to advertise my blog and then I have my REAL page that is locked down and I'm running background checks on folks before I let them on! Some ppl are extra sensitive...buuut I'm extra opinionated that's why I keep my blog kinda anonymous. No identifying pics or stuff like that.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@sunshinestar110: that's a damn shame. just don't say shit that would get you in trouble. yall want to talk about folks to them by mistake. #whodoesthat? lol

@starrlamonae: at least you own it. #twitterkillin' you. i feel you. because whatever is say on this blog it's open for whoever to see. whatever i say on my twitter is open for whoever to see. but if i now my girl twitterstalks my timeline why would i say something out of line on there? whether it's to a mutual friend, her, or to a stranger. there isn't a reason she should read anything private of mine and learn something she wouldn't learn from me. basically..whatever i say on here be it about her or anyone else, i'd say it to her. if she read it i wouldn't be like.."my bad" if someone RT me, i wouldn't be like "oh shit". it's one of those things where you think about the impact. as long as it's not a mistake you said it, i'm fine with you saying it.