Thursday, November 19, 2009

#twitterkills thursday #1

what's this? has he made up another hashtagish day? why, yes i think he has.

ok, i'm gonna call this segment. #twitterkills thursday. i can't promise this will be a weekly thing. but as the feeling hits me i will let you know how twitter kills relationships, one friend/new feature at a time.

this week's topic: Twitter List...death of friendships

by now the ultra exclusive beta tested twitter list should be available to everyone. i'm sure you've noticed next to people's followers/following there is a new link, "listed". it's where you can be grouped by other twitterers and shared amongst all of their followers. you can also see what list they currently have made or are following. . . unless of course they have private list.

personally, i thank anyone who has listed me. because personally you didn't have to, so the fact that you did..#shoutout to @helpdeskace, @nikkitaylormade, @live4lyfe i appreciate that.

i haven't created any list due to the fact that, i think it's a popularity thing. and honestly i'd just list all the people i @reply because i try to get to know everyone that follows me and vice. versa. my problem with list are, i've had somebody tell me. . . "i put you on my list, but it's private". then they made public list to include all their other "clique" friends. it's like..ok. i'm on a private list. yet you have made public list to satisfy your popularity seeking friends. ok, i'm not mad.

but let me ask you this. you think if i made a list. told you, you were on a private one. yet put all my other friends on a public one that would be cool? no. is it a coincidence that you find a way to include everyone of your other friends, but not me? uh no. should you have even told me i was on a private list? no. am i mad? no. will i name this perpetrator? no. just know, i know. and today i've #twitterkilled you. pow.

who will #twitterkill next week?


Beyond Danielle said...

I love it. I was thinking the same thing what are these list! LOL remember I asked you about yours. It's like okay I put my opinion on twitter already now I have to pick and choose who's opinions are the best and put them into catagories. Not the experience I've been looking for. I like ramdomness!
#twitterkill.... pow

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyond danielle: yea if you hadn't told me it would have been a while before i even noticed. i just tweetdeck & pocketwit it never really see my own profile.

#twitterkill them listmakers..pow