Friday, October 23, 2009

ManFive #14

ManFive Topic this week: Why does it seem like your man wants to hang out with everyone else, but you/without you?

i know women get upset when dudes have other plans. you get upset when dudes want some alone time. hell, you get upset over everything. but what happens when your guy wants to hang with everyone except you. what's that about?

now we have to exclude you overly insecure women who just panic for no reason. this is for all you ladies who just really can't figure out why he doesn't want to hang with you all the time. 5 reasons a guy might not want to be your BFF:

reason #5: he has more fun with other people...

not trying to call you boring, well maybe i am. yall could even have tons of fun at home and all. but if you're a then maybe he just doesn't want to bring you around for the fun. nothing worse then being all amped up and having someone take your mood to zero. someone who wants to leave as soon as you get there. someone who complains about everything & everyone. someone who can't be happy to save a life. like really, they will let millions of people die..instead of just lightening up. let's face it if you're about to kill yourself, (but no really) all the time..who wants to bring that to the party? come on now..

reason #4: you're a bitch, too clingy..etc

again, who wants to bring the bitch to the party? i'm saying maybe he can deal with it at home. maybe it's cute or sexy. but in an atmosphere where everything is gonna be a problem, i'd rather you be at home bitching about me NOT taking you then having your ruin my night. and if you're too clingy like trying to make love in the club. i'm saying... that shit sound good fantasy-wise. but if i gotta shake you off me like loose toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe we "gots" a problem. and combine the a clingy bitch. you're lucky you're even in a relationship. for true.

reason #3: you embarrass him..

yanno that real dumb chick who every time she open her mouth you're standing there like.."oh shit". or a chick that get drunk and starts taking her clothes off in the middle of the room. or a loud talker who doesn't know when to let shit go, and has you outside about to get your ass beat? you leave those chicks at home. it's fine when we're around your friends, but mine....hell naw, "i ain't gonna be able to do it..."

reason #2: he's gay or cheating...

i hate to put that out there. but come on. if you're dude ALWAYS want to hang with his boys over you. there are some limits. you could be boring & a bitch. but if he's with you and chooses to be with his boys or that SPECIAL boy all the time. they maybe him and dwight (yes ol' dude has made that the official gay name of '09) been wrestling naked and don't need you as an audience. if it ain't his dude, maybe he's using that as the excuse to spend time with other ladies, animals, objects..(i heard this chick married the eiffel tower, no lie). either way be very weary... no dude's boys are THAT fun or interesting.

reason #1: his people just don't like you...

this is a hard one. cause if you're ppl don't like the chick you're with. it's hard to bring her to anything. especially if you're very family oriented or you are very close to your friends. this could almost be a deal breaker on both ends. no chick wants to be excluded from that part of your life. but your family also doesn't want to be subjected to that part of your life. so making excuses to protect your feeling sometimes seems justified. a lot of you women don't even know it. there are also outspoken friends who will tell your girl they think she's a bitch. then there are the ones who are cordial yet invite you to shit then say..."DON'T bring your girl...". there are some mother's who are outspoken and will just tell you to your face they don't like you. and there are mother's like mine..who will be so NICE that you think she loves you. but when she gets a moment to talk to me alone she's like.."ummmm.." and really lets me know what she thinks. i say that but my mom is honestly nice as pie even if she hated you you'd never know it. you'd swear on your life i was lying. you'd think she would turn her back on me. little do you know my mom goes into protect mode like crazy when it comes to me. you wanna lose your life..mess with me.


Ms. Lovely said...

5,4,3 and 2 don't apply to me. My b/f invites me almost EVERYWHERE he goes..and he's always proud to say "This is my girlfriend"

#1 on the other hand: I don't think my b/f's sister likes me..and it's cool cause I don't like that b*tch either. So most of the time i'm finding an excuse to not go over her house..I don't even think my b/f realizes it..smh

Beyond Danielle said...

I find that it's good to just get your own life and let him go about his buisness. Home is the best place for relationships, too many haters out there