Tuesday, October 27, 2009

E is for effort..

you ever heard the expression, "E is for Effort"? that's some ol' sesame street shit. E is the grade chicks give you when you express effort. that's right forget A-F...they skip right to "E" on your ass.

listen to me. i've learned when a guy doesn't care, anything he does is fantastic. when a guy does care, it takes more to impress.

peep game: if i take a chick to a nice restaurant on the first date. she ain't gonna appreciate no other place i take her to unless it's better. BUT, if i take her ass to the Sizzler then flip it one day and take her out to a spot where i gotta wear a jacket and take off my damn hat she'll be impressed.

chicks only care when you don't care, then act like you care. you have to be a slacker to get ahead.

peep game: how a chick gonna think a dude with hand tattoos, a rapper name & no job got swag? but a dude taking care of his, able to take care of yours & pulled you when he ain't even your type is void of swag.

real recognize real, and i'm only seeing myself right now, what's really good with that?

and while i'm at it. why chicks ONLY recognize sweet or romantic shit on tv?

peep game: i'm watching a show with a chick, she's going on and on about the flowers. and the music. and the candles. and how nice it is. all the stuff the dude is doing on tv is so super romantic and super great. but shit..when i do that shit in real life you don't say shit. you don't even notice half the shit i've done. i'm saying what dude got a fondue pot randomly sitting on his counter? how you gonna tell me, "i thought it was a crock pot"...really? the shit say fondue on it and it was surrounded by flowers. shit, i go do "geigh" shit for you and don't even get no credit.

*reaches in pocket*: here's a quarter, a nickel, a dime, & a penny: i found you some common cents (sense)...


Cyn said...

you crack me up almost as much as I crack myself up lol JK. Seriously though... I have a friend who is SUPER nice. We had dinner last night and I picked his brain about his thoughts on nice guys finishing last. Well I'm starting to be a little more open minded to the idea of a "nice" guy. But who cant resist the sexy bad ass with tatoos (minus the rapper name)? I was thinking that good girls finish last too. I'm a good girl when I'm not being bad (in a good way). WE too get the short end of the stick. Guess we're all just FUCKED!

Beyond Danielle said...

Maybe like woman look for men to treat them good, men should look for woman that want to be treated good.

Fondue... Wow E for Effort
(heart drops to the floor)

Gigi Karma said...

Your blogging about a mindset that is not inherent in all women. Just like when women blog about no-good men, that is not how all men behave. I think its a matter of everyone syncing up with the right person for them. This takes a little time and a lot of discernment.

Muah, Gigi

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@cyn: thanks, since you crack me up all the time i'll take that as an compliment. when you choose the bad guy, you're setting yourself up to come in last. good girls + good guys = good love.

just say no to the unemployed tattooed rappers.

@beyond danielle: men do look for women to treat them good. the difference is, men go into a relationship thinking the chick will treat them good. women are the opposite. yall go in expecting not to be treated the way you should.

@gigi karma: i'm blogging about a mindset that is becoming more and more apparent it's the current theme of women these days. you may be different. and this may be some, "wth? is he talking about" shit to you. i think the same thing. like when has it been bad for a dude to care enough to want you to care about things? that's why i keep breaching the subject of maybe i'm just being too sensitive, because this is shit i've worked on throughout the years trying to be a better man. and it's almost like she wants me to revert back to my yesteryears. yet, that's something i'm just not comfortable doing. i feel like if it involves you growing up to realize that this is how a relationship should be opposed to stepping back and giving you the type of guy you're accoustom to that in a few years you won't want.

my issue is, i've evolved into a grown ass man. i know how to treat a woman and i just want her to realize & appreciate that for what it is.

~Sheila~ said...

I know how to appreciate a man. Trust me. I totally appreciate when Angel goes outside and cleans up all of my Halloween mess after I got after him for not helping me decorate in the first place.
Naw, just kidding.
At this stage in our marriage, I appreciate ANYTHING he does for me because after being together for so long..you never want to feel unappreciated for all the time and effort put into a relationship. Finding a good man/woman is hard. Keeping one should be easy. Losing them to someone who will appreciate them more will happen in a blink of an eye (if you aren't married).