Friday, May 1, 2009

guess you special, and i'm not?

something that drives me crazy about the fact that they think they deserve treatment they don't give you. it's like, i can call someone twice. once because i was trying to get at them. again, to leave them that "i was trying to get at you, but you weren't available..i'm kinda upset about that" message. they explain it away with a bullshit reason and it's supposed to be cool.

yet this same person. when in distress will call me 11,000 times, leave tons of messages, leave those annoying text "PLEASE CALL" messages your voicemail offers as an option, text you with "i'm trying to call you..." as if they are the police and it's official business. am i the only person who hates that? am i the only person who ignores the fuck out of them for doing that? that is except my mom and she's a chronic abuser of this fact.

i'm saying i hate people who think they are special & you're not. that's an any area, for example:

  • everyone has that friend that will call you at ungodly times of the night to complain about the most trivial shit in the world. they want you to listen. keyword, in not talk & give them the same advice they gave you last week when you wanted to talk to them about the SAME shit. all of a sudden "insert subject" is the worst thing in the world and them writing it off last week, is now null & their situation.

  • you have a friend that highlights your flaws. yet the second you say anything to them it's a cry-bitchfest and they can't believe you said or think that about them. it's like come on, please get a life & another zip code.

  • you meet someone & they totally pass judgement about you at first glance. happens all the time to me. i'm at a friend's party...i'll be introduced as such and such cousin or friend. they'll ask me what i do, and i'll respond i work in music. now if i was going to pookie's bbq or a regular house party, i'm sure i'd run into a lot of "i work in music" types (on various levels). but you automatically get that look like..."oh yea my cousin's boyfriend's uncle makes beats". then they go right back to their, "intelligence bowls"...where they try to quiz and test each other's knowledge of random ass tidbits. give them about 10 minutes and they want to become a music critic. they'll sit there discussing gangster rap vs. r&b these days..etc. and then turn to me and ask me what i think...are you serious? that's when you gotta floss...first off, you got your degree in what? history, huh?..okay well i have an engineering degree from Ga Tech. fuck with it. that ring you got on your finger, i got 4 of them in my ear right now (8, if you count the other side). fuck with it. you're cousin's boyfriends uncle does music, huh? me & him is not the same. fuck with it.
  • and my most hated "you think you're so special moment". when you're waiting in line for some shit. and you've been there forever. and someone walks their ass to the front of the line and says, "oh..i just have to ask them a question real quick"'re question gonna have to wait in the back of the line. i'm saying..

i agree with diddy on this one thing..."no more bitchassness". i say we have a "no bitchassness" day where we get a "slap a bitch" pass. not a "bitch" as in a female. a bitch as in a bitch...and yall know what i'm talking about. just a slap hard enough to knock their ass back into reality. so come on diddy..let's gooooo! (you start with Day26..then yourself for allowing Day26 to be on tv like that, then MTV for allowing all yall to be on like that...don't worry about the girls..dwoods can slap aubrey can slap dawn can slap andrea and so forth and so forth..).

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