Tuesday, May 26, 2009

love in & out of time......

you ever got the feeling that someone thought their time was more valuable then yours? i touched on it briefly in another post, about how ppl assume that their problems can't wait. yet aren't there to help you deal with yours. well i think that w/ love it's even worse.

ever felt like someone had you on a set time. like they deal with you on a "P.S.T." ( particular set time). like if you randomly text them something. or you called them, they would ignore what you said until it was convinent to get back to you? the same people who will text you right back with a "so you're not talking to me?" when you take more than 2 minutes to reply back to them. yea, that person. someone with no regard for your time or feelings. basically when they need you, you should drop everything and be available. they don't understand that, "you're working". they don't understand, "you're tired". they don't understand, "you have problems too...". so they don't understand when their micro world of non-life-threatening emergencies happen why you don't run to their rescue when they just sit back and ignore any & everything that goes on with you.

i guess i'm just tired of inconsiderate women. i've grown up thinking women were listeners. women we're more caring them men. women liked to talk things out & try to make things better. that is all a lie. women are just as selfish and uncaring as men! wish i had a lady zapper where i could just zap the fuck out of a chick everytime she ignored me & had an automatic instant message of the reason why i was zapping her ass. "you are being zapped because yesterday you ignored my question....and now you bitching at me about why i won't answer yours...this is why bitch." ZAP.


~Sheila~ said...

Yeah, the same person (my best friend) I wrote my "Crappy Weekend" post about has been texting me and asking me why I won't talk to her. There had many, many times when I would try to call her or text her and she didn't reply until 3 days later and her excuse was always.."I just didn't feel like talking to anybody".
Well, I'm not just "anybody" I'm your best friend.
So, now I'm getting texts asking why I don't reply to her.
Basically.....I just don't feel like talking about it because I know she will try to justify how important it was for her to do the neighbor downstairs instead of being there for me. I was a wreck at that time and it didn't matter to her.
I won't be calling back for awhile.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

yea i understand. and it sucks especially when it's your bestfriend. because out of everyone, they're the one you look for to be there all the time for you. my chronic weakness, is i'm a nice guy. so even though ppl fail me in that area, i always try to be there for them.

~Sheila~ said...

We have the same chronic weakness. I'm super nice and it gets me all the time. Time for me to shift my priorities.

Gorgeous Geek said...

i hate when ppl do that but I am also guilty, but I am really trying to work on it, especially with my friends.


Beyond Danielle said...

Yeah, woman are really bad. I'm starting to see in my older yrs that woman want want and want some more, yet when it's time to give the laugh at you like your some kind of joke. Not all woman, that's how you can tell if a woman really loves you she'll jump up at a drop of a dime to be there for you.

But yes, I feel like that alot not just in relationships and friedships but also with my family. I'm struggling now not to be such a giving person. Because in the end Who Loves ME!!