Tuesday, May 12, 2009

no posing zone

you ever encounter someone who just poses the fuck outta everything? it's like you never have a "normal" minute with them being themselves?

there's nothing wrong with "being self confident" but there is a line between confidence and arrogance. me, i'm not a fan of arrogance. but what ups the ante even more is when someone is arrogant and has NOTHING to be arrogant about.

i'm sure you know somebody like that because they are running around rampant like the swine flu. they sneak up on you (because you think they are normal ppl...), get into your system (with all their hateration), and make you sick to the point you fear death.

i unfortnately encounter clowns like this on an everyday basis. most times they start off trying to be my "friend". first comes "impress you" mode. this is where they try to tell you all the things yall have in common. the way i feel is, if you have to tell me then we really don't have that shit in common. somewhere they get lost in the sauce and start exaggerating on their knowledge. the worst part, i don't even ask them in the first place. it's like, ok. you say you do this. i'm gonna let you have that, bro. why you gotta make things worse and expound on this bullshit you're saying?

after "impress you" mode is over. it's "use you mode". this is where they try to get any & everything they possibly can out of you. this is probably the main reason i'm reluctant to reach out and trust people. as a young man, i was a bit spoiled. my parents didn't go overboard but i had a lot of things other's didn't have. so i was the victim of "friends being friends for what you have, instead of generally liking you for who you are" A LOT. so i'm quick to spot users, i'm also very quick to group you as a user unless i can explain to myself the reasons you're coming at me. so when these "posers" switch to "user mode" that's when it becomes personal to me. at this point, you've stepped over the line of..."you could have posed all you wanted over there, but now you done came over here w/that shit, really?". i'm usually a very generous guy. and if you're my friend there isn't much i won't do for you. but i lose all patience & respect for people who try to get shit out of me, by using me. always want you to "hook me up", "slide me a song", or "give me money ".

after the "use you mode" stage they get to the "i.d.n.y." stage. that is the "i don't need you" stage. where their ego gets the best of them. before this point, if i'm still fooling with them..i'm nice about it. but this is absolutely the last stage for me. once you're "too big" for me because you've gotten an attitude i won't help you. that's when you need to be "too done talking to me" cause to hear someone who failed to "impress you" & "use you" and then tell you "i.d.n.y." it's like y-tf, am i still dealing with you? take your ass on off to your pretend multimillion dollar lifestyle, with your pretend friends, & your pretend talent. go head wipe your ass on Mcdonald's napkins, but tell me you drinking Ace in the clubs. go head and be without lights/cable/a phone for 2 months, but telling me you about to cop you a new ride. go head banging out songs on your fisher price keyboard to the same fucking melody and telling me you in the studio everynight. nigga i'm in the studio everyday...where the fuck you at?

stop posing. just love yourself. be yourself. stop trying to have a life that you aren't working to get. stop posing & just do it bro.

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~Sheila~ said...

I come across people like that all of the time. Of course, my posers may not be talking about the same things as your posers but I still know a few.