Sunday, May 10, 2009

Die Hard Atlanta...

tonight i had tickets to the hawks vs. cavaliers game. court side atlanta, what could be better? well the final score was, 97 -82 (cleveland). so i guess the answer to the question was.."the hawks could have won..." lol. i can't hate the boy Lebron is a bad bad man. just as i gave props to dwayne wade, i got to give props where they are due. that man wants it, this year. and i'm betting on Cleveland to go all the way.

does this effect my atlanta standing? hell naw. i'm die hard atlanta. born & raised. i've been repping the hawks, falcons, & braves for years and always will. yea, my fav. players were M.Jordan, I.Thomas, & R.Miller, but my teams has always and will always be atlanta. i'm not a bandwagon jumper. we may not have it this year, but it's coming. and when it gets here.....i'll still be standing here with my hawks, falcons, or braves fitted low cocked to the side.

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