Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fighting i love you...

it's hard for me to let someone in
i've been hurt before
my heart's damaged
i have trust issues
tons of emotional baggage
i keep coming up with reasons
why you can't have all of me
but i can't shake
that feeling
the one where my stomach's in knots
my legs get weak
i get tongue tied
and i fall love with you
it's right there
on the tip of of my tongue
"i love you"
but i can't say it
i can't
because if i say it i set myself up 
to be hurt again
i let someone in
i let you control my heart
my mind
my soul
that's what i need
a reason why i can't dive in
a reason why i can't give in
a reason
why i'm not 
but i am
my hearts already there
i can't stop showing you i love you
even though my words haven't caught up
to my actions
tug of war
with my emotions
back and forth
with my heart
i hear the words leave your mouth
and i'm stuck
in a moment of stillness
where it feels like days of silence
the spotlight shines on me
the darkness clears
and i say it...

i love you too

day#3: sweet talk week


karma-dancingwithshadows said...

I can relate. Bravo! again...

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

thank you

Freckles said...

look at you. this love thing wears good on you.

Sharon F. said...

You seem to understand every aspect, very well rounded in love. That or you've been up & down the road like me a time or two.