Friday, July 20, 2012

old school love

i want that old thing back...
that old school loving
when i see a pretty woman
i know how to approach you
stop you by saying: 
"excuse me pretty lady

my name is . . .

i couldn't let you walk by 
without telling you how beautiful you are"
and instead of you taking it as a pick-up line
you actually knows how to take a sincere compliment
you smile
and introduce yourself 
i want to be able to ask you out for lunch
maybe a movie
or a drink
without you assuming my intentions are wrong
i want to show up with flowers 
open your door
pay for the date
walk you to your door
instead of pulling up at your house 
and letting you walk alone
i want to respect your boundaries
court you
show you what dating is
show you what a man does when he's interested in you
not what he does when he just wants to have sex with you
i want to meet your friends
meet your parents
go through all of the avenues of a relationship
i want to show you i'm a provider
that i can take care of you
and i want you to let me take care of you
i want to buy a ring
get down on one knee
and ask you to marry me
first comes love
then comes marriage
then we can talk about the babies
in the carriage
i want to be your partner
your best friend
and stay together
like they used to do it. 
i want that old school love

day# 5: sweet talk week


Anonymous said...

I like this...praying for this kind of love.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@anonymous: thank you. old school beats new school any day.

Freckles said...

yes yes yes (in my meg ryan voice from harry met sally)

I know its still out there. I have had a taste of it.

Sharon F. said...

Nothing wrong with that Sir! I'm yes yes yesing with you Freckles