Tuesday, July 17, 2012

love police . .

the hunt.....is on. 
i've got a warrant for your love.
 a ticket for your pleasure.
and a badge that certifies i serve to please.
turn around

s l o w l y

"you have the right to remain silent
..but i prefer if you didn't."
let your dress hit the floor
and let your insecurities go..

"damn you're so beautiful..."

let me make love to your ego
let me stroke it
till you ...
can't take it anymore

your body can't feel what your heart can't see
so tonight 
i want your body to see what your heart feels
close your eyes
let your other senses take over
listen. breathe intaste. feel. 
how much i love you.

let me chase your kisses...

like a game of tag.
i kiss you, you kiss me
we kiss like tomorrow won't happen
and if it does we'll 
start all over

top to bottom
front to back
i want to earn my explorer badge
discover unexplored territory
like the arch of your nose
the crease of your wrist
the tips of your fingers
all of those places you never 
knew could feel so good
i'm not an ordinary 
neglectful lover.
so please forgive me if i linger
 get lost.. 
in you
just whisper... my name
 when i'm there
i'll show you how much i love to hear you say it
how much tolerance i have for pain
as you dig your nails into my back
scream in my ear
pull me closer
it's my pleasure
to deliver you to yours
to protect & serve
your body

day #2: sweet talk week


Karen said...

Love this! So glad you're posting again.

karma-dancingwithshadows said...

sensual. nice flow. poetic. content. love alla' dat.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@karen: aw you ain't missed me..lol thank you

@karma-dancingwithshadows: thanks, i try a little bit.

Garry said...

Man Thank you for coming back to your blog you always write exactly how i feel about my lady. I will be using some of your words tonight she dont even know it but she loves your writing.


Thank you sir!!!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@Garry: no problem man....good luck.

Sharon F. said...

Woah! You're gifted with the visuals, because reading that got me putting down my shades of grey. Whoever she is, she's a very lucky lady

Jem said...

damn!good stuff