Monday, July 16, 2012

promises. . .

i'm not the tallest, strongest, or most powerful man, but as long as you allow me i vow to protect your...


i'll only take yours when i give you mine. i promise once you give it to me not to let it go. not to damage, bruise, or break it. to cherish it and never take it for granted. to introduce you to parts of it you've never felt. i promise to keep your secrets and share with you mine. i promise to understand it's been hurt before and to help old wounds heal. i promise to love you completely, unconditionally, and without limits. i promise i will love you even after it stops beating. 


i promise to be your bodyguard. your defensive line. your human shield. whether it's a bullet, a car, a family of rabid raccoon...i'm stepping in front of all of them without hesitation. i promise never to touch you in a way that is violent or unloving. i promise to listen to your concerns or issues when it involves what goes on with your body. i promise to be exclusive. to only share myself with you. i promise to take the precautions needed to protect us both and to love your body as if it were mine. i'll try to keep us out of sketchy situations and if we find ourselves in one, i'll make sure you stay safe. i'll lock the doors when strange people walk by the car. i'll get up even when i know it's nothing downstairs, but you heard a noise and go check it out. i will be your exterminator baby...spiders, bugs, rodents..pets don't stand a chance. i will do everything in my power to make sure you are never harmed. 


i promise to not disrespect you. to check my friends who step over the line. i promise to not get into stupid fights. to ignore that last promise if someone overtly does or says something that i feel as a man i can not allow (put them paws on him...). i promise to ride with you against your friends even when you're wrong #moneyteam.


i promise to love your soul, so when we leave our bodies we will always be in love. i want to establish a spiritual bond that can't be broken. i promise to pray for you, pray with you, and keep God first. I promise to keep God in every aspect of our lives, decisions, & plans.


i will take your feelings at face value. i won't undercut them because they conflict with mine. i will try to listen, understand, and not judge. i promise to take them into consideration before i make decisions whether it effects only me or both of us. i promise to be honest, open, & receptive. i will try my best not to say things out of anger, hurt, or sadness.

these are the ways i will protect you.

day#1: sweet talk week


Monique said...

This is so sweet!

DianaBoss said...


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I effin' love this!

Karen said...

You make me believe guys like you exist! I can't wait to find one :-)

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: thanks

@dianaboss: thank you & thank you for that shoutout..

@starrla monae: i appreciate it ma'am

@karen: aww thanks..there are a lot of guys out there. but i hate to break it to you, Santa Claus isn't real. lol

Sharon F. said...

Please forgive me, I just stumbled on your site and I am in love with it already! I love your "I'm not perfect but I'll get as close as I can for you" attitude. Not only is this sweet it's real, bravo!