Saturday, July 21, 2012

the way i feel.....

my life is better
whenever you're around
my heart is alive 
my soul is on fire
i feel electric 
powered by desire
fueled by passion
driven by emotions 
you take me there
higher than the clouds
further than the sky
out of this atmosphere 
i feel like i can fly
if my eyes are a window 
to my heart & my soul
then my window's wide open
because there is no door
no walls
no obstructions
no uncertainty
i know for sure
it's you..i want & need
my choice is you
there is no second
no runner ups
just you 
for me
i stake my claim
i scream to the world
i love this woman
i love her more than
numbers i could count
days i could live
or things i could do
if i dived into the deepest ocean
i could never swim to the depth 
of my love for you
if i walked into a burning building
i could never match 
the fire that burns in my heart for you
if i wished upon a star
i'd merely be wishing upon you
for you are the decoration in my sky
the wish that came true
this is only a fraction 
of the way i feel
for you..

day#6: sweet talk week


Monique said...

*thumbs up*

Sharon F. said...

I demand to know what you look like mystery man, I need you to be ugly so I can stop sweating you ha. Again, she's a lucky lady she better watch out you seem like a good one!