Thursday, July 19, 2012

i ♥ chocolate ladies..

Hey there chocolate lady
i think you're beautiful
can i get drunk on your chocolate
tipsy on your soul
follow your chocolate with kisses
to the center of your roll

if they tried to make me go to rehab...
i'd say: no, no, no.
i can't give up the chocolate. i love it too much. i'm just naturally drawn to your brown perfection.

there's so much energy spent on trying to categorize you. trying to fit you in a stereotype. when there is no way you could be explained, or contained. the skin you're in is shaded with care. i love your chocolate whether it's with cream and sugar or rich & dark. as i said before "God loved the brown tones so much he kept using the brown crayons to color his people. you've been shaded by God, now tell me that ain't beautiful or you ain't beautiful? ". so come here before hershey kidnaps you for flaunting all that chocolate around. i get a cavity just thinking about you. from latte cocoa mocha to caramel brownie fudge just describing your skin tones sounds delicious. i have a secret to admit. i ♥ looking at you. i know you catch me staring. i can't help it. God, placed you on this earth to be breathtaking to my eyes. he packaged you so uniquely that you'd stand out in the crowd. your hips, lips, curves... memorize me. i lose my concentration, when you walk by. your hair, whether long or short. natural or permed. is a extension of your personality. you wear it, it doesn't wear you. your confidence is sexy. your mind is your power. you're the thread to my fabric, the spider of my web. interlocking, hold me together. you create a foundation that's strong, a love that's unmatched.

see, there are guys out there who are intimidated by you. they lack your drive. they lack your confidence. they lack your strength. don't ever sacrifice any of that to fit in a mold that's too small to hold you. and don't pay a guy any mind when he says he doesn't like, love or want a black woman. this is the kind of guy who'd throw the winning mega millions ticket away. because you possess everything a man could ever want or ever need. so don't let one man's stupidity get you down. there are a lot of of us out here that stan for you. i've been a member of the "love a black woman" team since birth. the woman responsible for me being here is a black woman. the woman responsible for my son being here is a black woman. how could i not love the source of my presence and my future? like i previously said years ago, "don't let anyone tell you there is a boycott on black women. you can't boycott your manufacturer. we are, all of us..because of you. so thank you."

thank you for holding us down...when everyone else gave up on us. thank you for lifting us up when we fell and needed support. thank you for remaining loyal..and loving us the way we should all love you. thank you for nurturing, birthing, raising our children. thank you for wanting more..and pushing for us to be better for ourselves as well as you. you enable us to be greater, stronger, & smarter than we've ever been. so come on chocolate lady, let's go rule the world....

day# 4: sweet talk week


Monique said...

We chocolate women are holding it down!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@Monique: i know you

DianaBoss said...

we love you too!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@dianaboss: awe thank you