Monday, November 14, 2011

question back!

Qwhat does UNCONDITIONAL love REALLY mean? i think women are it unconditional if you cheat on me and i take you back? and if i don't what was it?

i read an article on how 'Carrie & Big' from Sex & The City, have made some woman delusional and stay in bad relationships with the hope that their Mr. Big will have that moment of self awareness, show that grand gesture of love and live happily ever after. well i agree. not that any of us should go by whats on tv or movies,  but planting this fantasy isn't healthy either...

so my question is this: is that unconditional love? giving someone a million chances to repeatedly break your heart in the name of "love"
*Question (courtesy of Rells)

my answer will post at midnight. if any of you want to chime in beforehand, go head. 


DianaBoss said...

No. I think that stance has nothing to do with yiur level of love for the other person rather a lacking in the level of lofe for yourself.

My unconditional love is loving the soul of a person above all else. Not their beauty or money or status. But loving them for exactly who they are. Loving their flaws because their flaws are part of them. But loving me less... no that isn't a part of it

Piph said...

No, this is NOT unconditional love. What has been shown on this show between the two is insecurity on Carrie's part, and I believe that Mr. Big is taking advantage of that.

Unconditional love is when you love a person for who they are, "flaws and all" and loving and respecting yourself in the process.

krissy said...

Unconditional love is just that, love without conditions. There are no rules or terms the people you love uncondtionally need to abide by, your love for them never waviers.

I'm not even going to tackle the sex and the city reference. That's not real life to me.

Rells said...

@Narcissist....LOL this is great! its like asking a magic 8 ball for answers. thanks for the response!

...Ladies....i agree with you all...i think Piph said it best "Unconditional love is when you love a person for who they are, "flaws and all" and loving and respecting yourself in the process"

@Krissy... although SATC is not real life, sometimes we get stuck on our own version of "Mr. Big". the man that can do no wrong, the one that never runs out of chances to ultimately disappoint.
Im not ashamed to admit i have been there (actually quite last I know he exists. as for the happy ending..not so much. that right there is ALL fiction.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@dianaboss: i totally agree.

@piph: i agree with you as well. and i do think that "big" was taking advantage of her insecurity.

@krissy: true that.

@rells: no problem. and i do agree w/ the "sometimes we get stuck on our own version of Mr. Big". this happens a lot. and a lot of women won't admit it, but they do keep letting someone who is showing little to no interest in them for months/years at a time into their life. it happens all the time. i completely see where you were coming from with the comparison.