Thursday, November 10, 2011

the let down...

dear mr. do no wrong,

i got your cd the other day. i must admit i was startled. usually i can't make it past track one. let alone track two. but to skip to track 5 in a matter of seconds.

the horror.

as you know i'm very critical of music. after all it's something i do day in & day out. and i can admit i am sometimes dissatisfied with some of my creations. but you, you have never let me down. until i listened to this cd.

yes. i even tried to do that thing where you get out the car, get back in the car and start the cd over and act like you never listened to it in hopes it would sound different the next time. sir, this did not happen this time. how can the dude who's cds are ALWAYS in my cd changer. who i wake up to the same 3 damn songs every morning for the past few years. how could he do this to me? not to say i do not enjoy your work. i am still 100% a fan of your music. and i'm still sadly trying to challenge myself to enjoy this cd. but i have to say, i am a bit disappointed. well greatly disappointed. how could you make the best song on the album a snippet? i can't even listen to it, without fast forwarding, rewinding, or listening to an entire other song. why ol' why?

i admit you haven't sold your soul like *cough* raheem *cough*. but you were my hands down go-to-guy when it came to saying, "i like every damn song this dude ever did...everyone. there isn't a song he's done that i haven't liked". you have now added a few songs to make that statement false. *covers face*. i'm sorry. i really am. i want to love it. but i can't. i want to listen to it and not hear all the wack features on it, but i can't. hopefully you will not think ill of me. hopefully you will not deem me as a hater. you are still my favorite artist. i just can't ride to your new cd, the same way i've ridden to your other one's. don't know why....well i do know why. i've just explained why. but i'm saying. i feel like i'm at a crossroad. like my two best friends are dangling off a building and i can only save one. i feel like because i don't like your new cd, i will somehow find another. ok...maybe i was wrong for saying that (out loud). there is not another like you. i'd just like you to go back and do another cd, asap.

please & thank you...signed

- your #1 fan

*and for all of you who know who i'm talking about...don't you dare say his name. i will not slander him, nor use his name in vain. 


~Sheila~ said...

Dang, I sure wish I know who you were talking about...I want to be let down

what is your light? said...

LOL dang...i was gon buy the ish...i actually was considering seeing him live when he was giving the cd away, but something else happened...

how do you feel raheem sold out?
the only questionable things i've heard from him was that "single" remix, which i still feel like was some distorted way of being "empowering" to women b/c the woman was the player in the video...and those camera angles made it look like he was hittin it RIGHT.

i was surprised to hear him feature on Big Krit's cd, but it was pleasant surprise.

+ heemy is out there getting arrested w/Cornell West for the people...he gets all the props in the world for that.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@shelia: hey stranger danger. I am not at liberty to say.

@what is your light: him live is awesome & I'm not saying don't buy it. I believe in supporting even if I'm not too keen on this material. Dude is still a great singer, writer, talent.

As for radio raheem. I was a fan from the beginning. All his mixtapes. All his urban ave stuff. All his tracks with w. Ellington felton. I was hyping him long before he ever released his first album. I believe he's a extremely talented brother, but tapping int mainstream has degraded his work. His actual lyrics, the direction of his career, the honesty is not there anymore. I can't knock the hustle, I make mainstream music. But when you enjoy an artist for who they are & what the represent your whole view of them gets skewed. I can't feel his music, I can't endorse his direction (quality songs love of music). I just feel he's sold out the r&b hippie neo rockstar for radio raheem. It'll destroy the path he would have made a mark in.

As for getting arrested, not saying he's not without geniune conciousness. Just saying he's straying into a genre he will not flourish in.

krissy said...

We just talked about this so you know how I feel about it. Lol! *playing BOB as I leave the room*

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: you so wrong for the BOB...yanno that song is fucking stupid. lol.

Monique said...

dang. I feel the pain and let down in this post. I hope it's not the person that I'm thinking of.