Tuesday, July 5, 2011

updates are coming...

ok a few things are about to happen. i know i owe yall 2 manfives. smh..i got behind due to a week full of fun & debauchery. i will pay that forward hopefully today. i also have a lot on my mind...so that will be coming through too sometime this week (possibly today..but don't hold me to it..).

if blogger droid would get itself together i'd update from my phone, but unfortunately things that make life easier usually don't work that great. so please allow me some time get myself & this blog together...but it's coming!

hey..to you new followers..who probably followed me and was like, "this dude don't update..". i do. and i'll be back with a vengeance in a few..

grrr...(that's my "get busy" growl..lol)

July 8, 2011- update-..

on that love shit again. enjoy "it's you". i got 2 manfives coming today. that's right...2 of them. stay tuned.

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