Saturday, July 30, 2011

update on my sexy...

so..i've been saying i was gonna update y'all on how my "#sexyback" mission was going.

basically i've committed to being a healthier me. and although i was trying go extreme and wanted to knock down biggest loser numbers in a few days. reality has hit that i just need to take it one day at a time. so that's what i've been doing.

been eating consistently better. been running at least 5 miles everyday (i admit maybe one or two days out the week i don't..), but i've been extremely active. and it's showing. i can see & feel the difference. having to tighten up my belt to the point, i might have to go to a smaller size. i'm starting to see some of my vices (things i shouldn't be lazy..etc) and avoiding them.

but i think the best part about it is, i'm doing it for me. and i feel good about it. there isn't a deadline. it isn't about impressing anyone. it's just about loving myself. and i love myself. i'm all sore and achy, i'm extremely tired..not sure if it's linked to other things..but at this point i don't care. life is life. and i'm just taking it as it comes. best part about the attitude the fact that i actually changed my attitude. not that i was a negative complaining person before. but's all about being thankful and not worrying about all the other "non fucking factors..". i am down 21 lbs. and even tho it varies from morning to night..i feel like myself again. whether it's heavier, cut, or's me. and i'm happy.


krissy said...

*stands up and applauds* I really like this post a lot. I'm glad you've stuck to what you said you were going to do FOR YOURSELF. That's the best part to me. You're giving me motivation. Specially considering how big of a snack head u are/were lol. Keep up the good work buddy. #teamsexyback!

Monique said...

Good for you homie! Keep up the good work

Piph said...

good for you :) keep it up

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: lol..i "was" cause my ass def don't snack on nothing. i miss my snacks. every time i go into the store, i visit the cupcakes & cookies and wave to them. they be calling me and i just ignore the call. and if i wasn't doing for myself, don't think i'd be motivated.

@monique: thank you, thank you

@piph: thanks, i'm trying!

Freckles said...

good luck with all of this and how is it still working for you? I am on a get my body together kick as well. I hear the consistent exercise is an antidepressant. I believe it to be true.

just catching up.