Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i'm an awful dad...

those of you who follow me on twitter, know i took my son to disney this weekend. the trip was great, despite me wanting to slap my parents on different occassions.

i mean seriously, it was a great trip. but i just felt like we could have done more if they wouldn't have acted like they were 90 years old. taking their time. needing to eat 4+ meals a day. complaining about lines, heat..etc.

just needed them to be hardcore like they used to be and suck it up for the kid. i mean..i didn't enjoy my skin sizzling in the sun, nor the rude inpatient parents bumping into me, or the 30 minute-hour waits either..but i was going to go gangster for my son and make this experience fantastic for him.

so why am i an awful dad? cause i made a huge, gigantic, horrific mistake. someone told me (someone = my dad)...that i had ridden space mountain before. and being a dude who has never ridden on a roller coaster. i mean not because i'm scared. not because i have heart problems, pregnant, or any of the other reasons listed for people not to ride. i just never have been interested in them. going extremely fast while upside down, sideways, backwards, suspended in air..just has never "done it for me". so me thinking that disney was a kid friendly place, full of family rides. and trusting my dad's memory and the fact that he wouldn't lie to me. got a fast pass for the ride. one for me & one for my son. we went and rode numerous rides. and when it was time to go back to space mountain...we we're ready. we skipped the lines. walked in. i got a little worried when i saw we weren't able to sit next to each other due to the ride being front to back not side to side. but i notice people with their bags, hats, etc..getting on the ride. when the ride took off it didn't seem fast or bumpy at all. so we got on the ride. i sat in the front because i didn't want him to sit in the front of the ride, so when i say my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach when i saw that first drop before it turned into darkness...trust me. i was like, "oh.....shit".

i swore my son was going to be freaking out. scared. crying. vomiting. on the verge of a heart attack..etc. all i could do is scream, "close your eyes". and try to talk to him throughout the whole ride. to say that was the scariest few minutes of my life, would be the greatest understatement of my life. i have never been more scared then i was at that moment. and no it wasn't of the roller coaster. it was because i put him on this ride. what in the hell had i done? how the hell could i be so stupid to not realize what this damn ride was. i felt like the worst father in the world. i still kinda, do. i felt so helpless, like i couldn't stop it. i couldn't get him off that ride. i couldn't protect him.

as soon as the ride was over, i looked at him and asked him if he was ok. he said he was. and just hopped off the ride. i kept asking him, hugging him, checking on him. he told me, it was scary & fast. but shortly afterwards he was back into trying to track down mickey mouse. everyone i keep talking to keeps telling me to stop beating myself up over it. but i truly will be apologizing to him for the rest of his life. 


Monique said...

I didn't get to ride Space Mountain when I took my son in April but I do recall the pitch black and the screams. LOL I'm sure your son will forgive you.

Monique said...

PS: My parents are going with us next year and they go hard in the paint at amusements parks. I'm talking rollercoasters and all. My mom is a firm believer of getting there when the park opens and leaving when it closes. She doesn't like to miss anything. LOL

Krissy said...

You're not a bad father for that at all. He was alright in the end so that makes it better.

I don't do amusement park roller coasters. Like you, they just don't interest me at all. All that dropping and dipping and what not is unnatural as hell! Lol

Sheila said...

LOL, You're not a bad Dad at all. Did he panic and try scrambling out of the ride with tear in his eyes like he was dying? If not, he was scared (cause that is what the ride is about) but he will get over it.
I took Devyn on the Cyclone in NY (cause he was begging us to) when we went to visit my brother and he was freaking out. He thought he was going to fly out. He was scared but I had my hand around his shoulder and after the ride was over he kept talking about it. He's fine as you see..lol.
I'm sure your son will be fine too!

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

Awww you are too cute. I guess you could sense that he wasn't like "Wow that was great!" after the ride finished huh? But you know, he was a trooper. I took my lil bro and that boy cried and cried when he heard all the people screaming so we just had to get out of the line. So I giving lil' man props for giving it a whirl. As for you, you're not a bad Dad. If he didn't want to get on he would have told you. Kids have noooo problem telling you that they are not down with something. LOL. But I would say let it go, don't keep apologizing because then he might not want to go rides again. I would tell him instead, "Good job. You're a soldier for getting on that thing. You're all calm and look at your dad!" That might put a smile on his face?

Oh and LOL at you saying your parents were acting like they were 90 years old. HAHA.

sunshinestar110 said...

awwwwww not a bad father @ all...he was ok and enjoyed the rest of the trip! it was just an experience he probably will never want any parts of in the future..but bad father not @ all!

misschrissielovee said...

Aww... I don't think you're a bad father, not at all. The fact that you made sure he was okay after the ride shows that you're a great father, and he still had a good time and is fine, so it's cool =)....

But lol, the part where you said your heart dropped when you saw the first drop before darkness def would of had me scared too!

Miss P said...

you are not a bad father at all!!! this reminds me of an experience i had on a roller coaster, and i love riding them. i now know from first hand experience why they say if you have heart conditions, do not ride!! let's just say i was holding on for dear life because it felt like my harness was loose and i was going to fly out, lol.

DianaBoss said...
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DianaBoss said...

That's not bad at all. Bad would have been putting a fear in him that he didn't have already. I have a host of things and opinions about things that I "don't like" only because my mother told me she didn't like it it and described it terribly enough for me to believe that I felt the same.

He had the opportunity to decide for himself. And it doesn't sound like he decided it was a terrible feeling. Plus now he has bragging rights! He rode Space Mountain. Way to go Dad!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@monique: my parents were hard in a the paint parents too. that's why i was so shocked & appalled. it wasn't an awful experience. just stopping for breakfast and sitting down, ordering, and eating...like it's a leisurely thing is not how i vacation. i would have picked up something in a drive through and hit the park when it opened..and went ride for ride. just hard when grown folks got their own agenda. good luck!

@krissy: yea all that shaking is not for me. like i said i wasn't scared. it's something i could do again..but the real question is...why? lol

@sheila: my son wasn't about it though. he was backing up when we were lined up. then i wasn't sitting next to him. it was pitched black so i couldn't see him and he wasn't making any noise. and i felt like i was gonna fly out so yanno what i was thinking about him. i think it was more traumatizing cause he's so little and i felt helpless in helping him.

@eyesotp: i wish we had gotten out the line. i didn't see no one crying. and i saw tons of little kids. so i was totally unaware. but yea..my parents were tripping. they were really moving like morris & myrtle the turtle.

@sunshinestar110: thanks..and i dunno. he honestly did not act as scared as i thought he'd be. he might grow to like them..i just hate he'll always be like.."remember when i was five and you took me on space mountain..." *palmface*

@misschrissielovee: thanks..and i'm serious the ride stopped. and i looked down and was like "wtf is about to happen...". then it got dark..lights started flashing..ride was fast and tossing and turning..think i took like 2 breaths. one when i saw it and the second when it was over.

@miss p: i'm glad you weren't scarred for life. and i hope my son isn't either. and thanks..i think the biggest part of me feeling this way was i couldn't stop it for him. just felt like i got him into it and if something would have happened i would have been totally distraught.

@dianaboss: yea i'm not with scaring him or not letting him do things just cause i don't. i just know he wasn't down for the ride. then i kinda coerced him..then it turned out to be a damn roller coaster. like a parent who is teaching a child to swim and just pushes him in the water..and is like.."see you're alright.." when he doesn't drown..lol

but he does have bragging rights. cause he manned up. proud of him.