Friday, May 20, 2011

on a leash...

"Why does she make, calls out the blue. Now I'm awake, sleep isn't new..hey, hey, hey, hey..don't say you will, unless you when. hey,hey,hey,hey..don't say you will, and play you will. I pray you will" - "Say You Will", Kanye West

back & forth, back & forth
like a seesaw
emotions high, expectations low
do you love me, do you miss me, do you want us back
do you hate me, are you happy with the way things are
no clue what's on your mind, I'm still up in the air
you hit me up when you want to, only to ignore me when you want to...
how's that fair
on a leash, on a limb, just out there hanging
you pull me in, to push me out
you test the waters, when you're not sure you want to get in
you treat me like a stranger, when we used to be bestfriends
talk to me, make up your mind, what do you want to do
I feel like my hearts on a leash, when it comes to you
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Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

Dang I know EXACTLY what you mean here. How this feels. High one day and then low the next. You wonder is the person being mean, or are they confused, or are they trying to get u pissed so u dump them bc they didnt want to do the dumping themselves. Your mind is just everywhere. Mind trips.

I know how you feel suga. It's terrible when you want someone so bad and the games just keep being played. Eventually you get tired of them, but until that day comes...u keep riding the rollercoaster.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@eyesotp: if you just got that from this post..1. I'm a great writer 2. You're a mind reader 3. You're my girlfriend pretending to be someone else so I won't know you're reading my blog...cause that is exactly what is happening. Exactly how I feel. The words out of my heart..right there. So I hope it's #1 or #2...cause #3 would just be mean

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

Hey suga. It's number one! Hands down.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Wow, this was crystal clear to me too. This right here is so relative that I may have to quote ya...

"you test the waters, when you're not sure you want to get in
you treat me like a stranger, when we used to be bestfriends"

You're not alone...unfortunately...

lovely said...

this is me projecting:

i just got to the point where i was like whoa whoa wait a damn minute...i don't have to take this...i don't have to take this at all.

i know you probably wish things would work out with ol girl. & if it's meant to work out it will. but from what it sounds like, she's not ready.

don't fret, b/c i either things will work out, or you'll get to the point where you realize that even if she's 1 in a million, that means there are almost 7000 other ppl just like her.

i see you want that true, unconditional love. and honestly, a lot of people don't want that. they either fear it, or fear having to reciprocate. but there are many people who DO want that, and are willing to give it in return. even if the ppl who read your blog are the only ppl you see who are on that i said, if there are 10 of us, then that means you have 70,000 minus 10 the ten of us to choose from.

i'm not trying to project TOO much, b/c your situation might actually work out. but if it doesn't...then as painful as the breakup may be, you're 1 step closer to finding the happiness you couldn't find with her.

1 day i'm going to sit with myself & figure out why i'm so loquacious on blogs but in real life i'm so quiet...

Anonymous said...

i can relate in theee worst way :-(
i dont miss feeling that ive become some what of a brick wall...never really letting my gaurd down...hhmmm..