Friday, November 19, 2010

manfive friday #62

i admit women are the fairer sex. you are much better to look at than men. and it's always been a power struggle amongst the sexes. when the truth is, most times women run shit.

yea i said it. women run shit. it's not even a "we let you do it" thing. yall just run shit. whether you take control upfront, or play the background you are the wheels the drive the machine of our relationships. *grabbing nuts* i'm not saying yall are dominant. i'm just saying, that behind every great man, is a great woman.

the manfive friday #62 topic of the week is: 5 signs you are making your man weak...

there is nothing wrong with helping your man. there is nothing wrong with having an active role in the relationship. having a more dominate role, or sharing the responsibilities. there is nothing wrong with that. this is a new day. no longer are women chained the stove, barefoot, with a child in one arm..and a baby in the belly. i have much respect for you "independent women" (well the one's who actually are..not the ones who just like the song..). but sometimes you women go for the overkill. yall be doing too much. ya'll scream about wanting a man. wanting this big, strong, strapping guy who can protect you and take care of you. then you get with this big baby ass dudes who couldn't take care of a pet egg. 5 signs you're making your man weak...

#5: he stops working..

now most guys, are hustling. you hear it everyday. whether it's a cd. drugs. construction work. stocks/bonds. burgers. retail. office supplies. whatever..he's on his grind. he's working that 9 to 5. 12 to 6. whatever his situation. but after a while you ladies get laxed. you let his big baby ass lay up on your couch playing xbox and missing work. you let him "look for a new job" for months, years, decades..picking up the slack. you let him think it's okay to be a bum. yea i said it. any dude laying up on a couch willingly NOT working is a bum. now if he's collecting disability..and bringing in a check. can't knock that hustle. but every other guy who's not making no money and laying on a couch allowing you to take care of him is a bum. there is hard luck stories. there is are situations where you can depend on a woman to help you out. there is nothing wrong with getting help. but help requires you to do something. you can't do nothing...and get help. that's called charity. stop supporting bums. stop making a dude think it's okay to not work. to not do things to make your/his situation better.

#4: home depot/lowes or "rent-a-man" on speed dial...

ok. i understand a lot of you ladies are used to do-it-yourself. a lot of you ladies, are getting homes. and having to take care of things that usually a man in your life would take care for you. so you've learned to hire repairmen. pay that extra $35 to have something delivered, installed, or fixed. but do not. i repeat. do not, call these same guys to fix, install, and deliver shit when you got a man around. don't do that shit. what's the point of having dude around? if he don't know how to do it..tell his ass to learn. tell him to go down and attend a clinic at one of those places. buy him a book. magazine. diagrams..whatever he needs to figure that shit out. there is no reason why you have to hire a repairman to change a light fixture. now i'm not suggesting you let your dude tinker on the toilet when your septic tank explodes. i'm not saying you let him take your engine out of your car to diagnose your "check engine light". i'm just saying. if you think you're low on oil. ask him to check it for you. you don't have to go to jiffy lube and have those crooks rip you off (cause regardless they gonna tell you, you're out of oil), when he could have just dipped the stick and told you that you need a oil change. you shouldn't wait on the side of the road and call the D.O.T. to change your tire when you got a dude sitting your passenger seat. both yall on the side of the road scratching your head, looking a the spare tire like, "what the hell do we do now?"...hit that dude with your tire iron and tell his ass to change the damn tire. if he doesn't feel embarrassed to have some dude come save yall day. if he doesn't feel awkward having a repair man changing your ceiling fan, hanging blinds, or delivering anything that can fit in your car. then you got a soft man. feel his smooth soft hands. those are the hands of a man who sleeps with velvet gloves.

#3: letting him think he's the shit...and he's not..

now there is nothing wrong with positive encouragement. and i know how some of you women get with a dude and you go into an alternate reality where for a minute you start to believe the hype too. but seriously...don't throw your dude to the wolves. there is nothing wrong with believing in a man. supporting a man. but don't hype up a hype man. if he's not beasting at some shit...don't lead him to believe he is. it'll only embarrass him later.

#2: being on "#teamhim", when you know he wrong...

if he dates you. takes care of you. takes care of your kids..but don't do shit for his own kids. um...yea. don't get all maury chick swag with it..and start being like, "so his baby mama be tripping". you know regardless of what she doing. he need to be taking care of those kids. don't co-sign on the foolishness. this his how you bring the punk ass out a man. because he starts thinking..he's right or justified. if he shot somebody. got you arrested. got caught doing some foul shit. you DON'T have to have his back. love the dude, not the crime. this just creates the idea that his actions are tolerable and lets you take the fall of him. any man that lets his woman take the fall for him, is a weak ass motherf%#@er.

#1: taking him back when he cheats..

all this does is let him think it's okay. a man who is truly sorry. feels like he's made a mistake. won't ever do it again, is generally a man who has to live with what he did alone (without the chick). these dudes you let come back. then they slip up again. develop a pattern. and that pattern is in the shape of an "F" and a "U". it's a "i know she won't leave..." so it lets him know he can do it again. and again. and again. i'm not saying you can't be understanding and forgiving...i'm just saying never let him think it's ok. it's never ok. it will never be ok. yes, i can still love you, be with you, etc. but if he ever does that again...he has to know you'll leave. he has to know you won't tolerate it. he has to earn your respect, trust, and all that back...don't just pretend like it doesn't bother you.


Jetaime said...

Great post! I just wanted to add to the #1 sign. I feel that men and women should let it be known at the very beginning that cheating won't be tolerated and be prepared to follow thru if your significant other phucks up. In my last relationship, I made it known at the very beginning that I will cut you loose, with no further contact, if any type of cheating occurred.

Lacy Monroe said...


Krissy said...

I agree Jetaime! It should be laid out from jump.

People are good for taking someone back after cheating. I truly believe that when someone cheats the relationship will never be the same, ever! There will always be trust issues and what kind of relationship thrives when there is no trust? None.