Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30...the do's and dont's..

so you've had your birthday. you've finally joined the 30 & up crew...

what now? first off..relax. it's not as bad as you think. contrary to popular belief life does not stop at 30. only people who think that are people under 30. and once you make'll learn what people under 30 think, doesn't make any sense anyway.. ( 20-somethings).

so what does being a 30 year old man mean? it's time to grow up!..

you're not an old man. in fact you are at the perfect age. you are actually at your most desirable. i know what you're thinking..."my body was amazing at 18...21..25..etc.." yea join the choir, we're all singing that song. but truth be told at 30..the women are looking at you because you're supposed to be grown. you're the guy who's looking for a wife. looking for a family. you're more responsible. you've stopped playing the games. got secure in your job. got that "stroke" that the young dudes lack..and can stroke it without needing viagra like the old heads. 30 is sounding better already huh?

before you get to comfortable. there are some do's and dont's of being 30.


participate in fads...skinny jeans. mohawks. jordans. capri pants.fake bling. anything you see on dudes 10 years younger than you. don't do it. they do it cause they don't know no better. you do it and know better..which makes you doing it more ridiculous.

smoke weed...i know you're saying.."whoa whoa whoa...". yes. you really should leave that shit in your 20's (honestly shouldn't do it at all..but i digress). i know it relaxes you. i know it's your "thing". but you want to be a weed head all your life? time to stop that shit. find you something else more addictive and grown up like purchasing stocks or some shit. make money, don't smoke it away...

get tattoos in visible areas...i know the chicks think that shit is sexy in your 20's. they like you got "marco da don" on your neck and shit. and yea, while in school. while working at popeyes..that shit was cool. but once you're trying to venture out of that era of your life. how many serious jobs you think your ass gonna get with that shit on your neck. unless you're a rapper, professional athlete, or tattoo artist all the tats on your face, head, hands, fingers..etc..will come back to haunt you. if you already got them, make the best out of them. but if you haven't made the foolish mistake yet...don't do it after 30. no excuse. i don't care if it's your mama's name, a scripture, or a middle finger saying "fuck the world". it doesn't belong on your neck, face, or fingers.

saying catchphrases. words like "swag" or "no homo", shouldn't be in your vocabulary. not cause you can't have swag. just that they are stupid words, and you sound stupid and lame saying them. part of being grown is not having to justify yourself. saying, "i got tons of swag...". makes you sound 10. saying, "no homo" makes you sound gay. just saying.

do any "new dances" outside your house.  ok. so you know how to stankyleg. you can teach someone how to dougie. you got that pretty boy swag on 100. i'm sorry, but you can never let anyone know. sorry.  you can NOT be a grown ass man doing no shit where you putting your hand on your hip and cranking it. i'm sorry. we made our boy as punishment for losing a bet, put on skinny jeans and do the the "i'm a jerk" dance. it was meant to be a mocking situation. not a "hey dance". my cousin a dancer. we give him a pass. but if he was to ever break into one of these dances while we were out. we'd cart him off to the corner and put him on timeout. somethings you just don't showcase in public. if you're over 30, doing this shit....*smh*..

live in the clubs. you should have that shit out your system. those wild drunken nights. it should be a every now and then situation. it's not a good look to call out of work cause your hungover. now if it's your birthday, the weekend, a boys night...knock yourself out. if you're partying cause it's tuesday..get the fuck out of here. part of growing up is realizing that the shit you used to do is no longer acceptable...

be a bum. you should have a job. if you don't have one, go get one. fuck what you heard, you get more respect working at mcdonalds than having no job at all. you need something to go along with that ambition. after a while women don't care about your big dreams if you're aren't making them happen. the dreams need to be coming to fruition, or you need to get new ones. it's not cool, being a grown as man with nothing.


get you something. buy you a house. a car. something. start trying to own shit, instead of renting/leasing. you think chicks think it's sexy to have a flat screen at your mama's house? or yall can only watch it when you're roommate isn't home..your sexy point are gonna be decreased. get you something. anything. it doesn't have to be big or permanent. just something that you can say is yours & be proud of.

know how to tie a tie. certain things as a man you need to know how to do. if your daddy never taught you. if your mama never taught you. if no one ever taught you, go into a men's warehouse and ask. go to youtube and search, "how to tie a tie..". but know how to do that shit. it's vital. even if you don't wear suits. it's just something that by 30, if you don't should kill yourself.

know how to treat a woman. the days of tricking/hoeing should be over or coming to an end. at this point you should want more. the kind of woman you attract says a lot about you. the way you treat a woman, also says a lot about you. not saying you should be on your way to the alter..but when dating it should be about more than just having sex with a chick. learn from your past mistakes, regrets, and misgivings. your wants should be more long term, than what you can get right now. that's for everything.

have a savings account. even if you're only saving $10 a month. shit at the end of the year you'll at least have $120 at the end of the year. just saying. it's not always about having enough to put down on a house. it's more like, having a reserve that you'll never have to say.."all i got is $20 to make it the end of the week". being broke is some shit that stops being acceptable after 30. it wasn't acceptable before but women will tolerate it more in your 20's.

be responsible. take care of your kids, if you don't want them wear a condom. if you didn't wear wanted them. so stop making them suffer due to a decision you don't want to own up to. don't mess with hoodrats if you think they just trying to trap you. you can't blame women for your mistakes. you can't blame anyone but yourself. stop pointing fingers and be a man. if you aren't getting the kind of job you want. find out the reason why & fix it. if you're living paycheck to paycheck. budget your shit. if you have a job, not a career...make a change. yes, it's that simple. you are in control of your own life. it's time you took control and rocked it the fuck out..

take care of yourself. there is nothing worse than a helpless man. if you don't have a woman. learn how to cook. learn how to iron. learn how to clean. learn how to fix shit. learn how to take care of your basic needs. women do that shit all the time. so what you look like, being a man big strong man who can't do half the shit a woman can do by herself? this is exactly why women think they don't need men. get your grown man game tight. just like women learn how to do things to attract us. learn shit to attract them.

these are just examples of some of the dos & donts. it's all about ultimate survival as a 30-something man. like i mentioned you've entered into an elite club. so don't let us down. cherish your 30's. cause they go by fast..


Alovelydai said...

I don't know anything about this since I'm only celebrating my 4th 29th BDay (LOL!!!!!) but I love this post & can't wait to be 30 one day. I honestly don't have anything to add. You've nailed them all. Especially the catch daughter gets on me for that one all the time.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Great list. Even though I'm not 30 yet, I would like to add just a couple more don'ts (and this applies to men and women):

Don't "beef" with people over stupid shit, whether it's face to face, over Facebook, Twitter, by text, or over the phone. That shit is childish.

Don't use text messaging as your main source of communication. I knew a guy who was 37 and did nothing but text me, then had the nerve to use the number 2 for "to" and "u" for "you." Unacceptable. Pick up the phone and call me.

Anonymous said...

Very good list! I'm gonna be 30 on the 26th of this month. I'm ready for it. I love aging.

* hits dougie all up and down ur timeline*

Qu33n Kam... said...

I'm not a man and I'm not close to thirty but I feel these are basic foundations everyone should live by as they age. Great post

Anonymous said...

This reminds me so much of my "Is 30 the new 21" post.

Anonymous said...

This was an amazing post. I definitely enjoyed it.

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