Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what i'm up to...

so....i've recently joined a football league. seems that no one thought my bowling was sexy. but now that i'm getting the wind knocked out of me...sexy time.

it's funny because it's actually pretty fun. reminds me of when i was younger and we used to play the neighborhood behind ours. we were always the smaller dudes but we'd whoop their ass, then after they'd try to whoop (fight) ours back.

i went out last wednesday and did pretty well for a dude that hasn't been as active as i used to be. scored two touchdowns. knocked a few dudes out. made an interception (that was ruled not one cause they are some punks and don't want to play by rules..except when you're "out" of bounds). pretty excited about my game tomorrow. hopefully i can continue to wreck havoc, although i admit being a short dude playing against dudes who played football in college, is a bit umm...what's the word. not intimidating, but um.. let's just say my ass ain't trying to get hit. i took one hit and thought dude knocked my spine out. thankfully it was just "my wind" & about 10 years off my life.
cougar alert, cougar alert!

so this chick just shows up at the studio the other day on some, "i was just dropping in to say hey & to check out the studio". i'm saying.. when has it been cool you dropping by a spot no one ever invited you to? she asked me what studios i be at. i told her the one i'm at the most. and all of a sudden she's in the neighborhood. come on.......when she left she kinda thanked me like it was on some cool shit. which kinda made me feel a Add Imagelittle less creeped out. on some, "thanks for letting me sit in here for a minute, friend". i think she thinks we really are friends. like not just associates, but like friends. moving a little too fast for me. dunno...still think she trying to ride the ride.

speaking for riding a ride. how about my chick relays to me that i got ashy hands. not like ashy on the outside. but ashy on the inside. she told me holding my hand was like gripping sandpaper. i admit i was rushing...i ain't put no lotion on. but my hands weren't THAT ashy. we always joke cause when i rub my hands together they make a real loud sound. which is funny. but she kinda hurt my feelings. like who wanna be holding someone's hand or touching them and think they're thinking "get your hard hands off me" it's like...i HONESTLY don't think my hands are that dry. like i couldn't feel them being dry, nor were they like white or flaking. i admit i'm not a hands off dude, meaning i do shit with my hands. my hands aren't supposed to be soft, but i guess they aren't supposed to be coarse either. dunno..just makes me a little self conscious now. among other things. but-er-um...i guess i'ma slick my hands up for the next time. and watch then she'll complain their too soft.


Mel said...

I bet that cougar was thinkin' "RAWR! I wish these other folks weren't in the studio..."

Betta get some salt scrub or a pumice stone and scrub them bad boys. Nobody likes a man with dry, ashy hands. You need some cocoa butter lotion? I'll get you some for Christmas :-P

xxxx said...

wow the cougar most really want you... seems that she is coming on just a little too strong but you never know she might ease off a little.. or you can give her what she wants and she might vanish... got to satisfy her taste buds. maybe? lol... and football is sexier than bowling.. goodnight

Ms. Lovely said...

Innit that cute. I love it when guys play football and get all dirty. That means we can help clean them up :)

Cougars- Ok, so me and my homegirls (we're all over 25 btw) hung out with some college dudes from philly last week. So they ask us how old we were and start this running joke about us being "cougars" all dayum night! While, we're far from it, I really didn't like it :(

Ashyness- lmao. I like guys with rough hands. It means their doing something..And I have this thing about seeing veins in arms and hands..idk..it's weird. But yea, slather some cocoa butter on them phalanges.

Anonymous said...

i feel ol girl on seeing veins in the arms--that shit is sexy...

football is only sexy if i get to see the man sweating with his shirt off (and he looks good with his shirt off) OTHERWISE i say bowling all day cuz bowling is fun! and ppl die playing football.

i wonder how the cougar story will end...

i like rough hands *shrug* she was prolly just messin with you...

Beyond Danielle said...

Wow, a interception somebody get this guy a contract. Yeah she wants you if she takes any time out her day. And I rarely find any men with soft hands. I kinda like them rough as long as their clean. Get it. And I choose bowling over football anyday. Atleast you can have a drink and kick back. Football is serious and aggressive and not really something I can tag along with my dude when I don't have anything else to do.

~Sheila~ said...

I agree with Ms. Lovely, Blackbrownie and Beyond Danielle.
Rough hands on a man is very sexy. I was totally taken with Angel's rough hands and veiny arms. He works construction and is a hard worker. Men with manicured hands (to me) means that they aren't doing much manual labor. (Doesn't mean they aren't bringing home the bacon, tho). I just like someone who gets into their work.
After 11 yrs with Angel, I still love those things about him. I just can't stand when he start rubbing on my booty and snagging my good underwear!

Watch that cougar! Your girl may think it's cute right now but just wait until she see that this lady really be hawking you and then there is going to be some drama about why you let this girl be all up in your studio...etc.
Cougars be getting you in trouble and they don't care because they want what they want.

I like Bowling. I never got a chance to check into joining a bowling league here because of the kids but maybe next time. Football is fun too. Be careful though, there are some really big guys out there and they WILL squash you.

As long as you are doing something you enjoy...have a good time. (and watch for cougars in the bleacher/sidelines).

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@Mel:lol @ coca butter. i think i need some. never had a complaint before tho. she on some catcher & the rye shit..(see i do read books..lol)

@xxxx: yea the votes are growing for football. dunno about satisfying her taste buds, don't think my chick would appreciate that much..

@ms.lovely: aiight i'm about to go buy some cocoa butter. yall gonna have me smelling like hair products..and lol@ yall being cougars. practicing for the big leagues huh?..

@blackbrownie:lol she was dead ass ice. i thought she was joking too. that's why it made me feel bad after i realized she wasnt...and of course shit is only sexy to you when ppl are naked. if ppl were bowling naked you'd down there all day.

@beyond danielle: yup yup...pulling my TO impression off. i think she just used to dealing w/ dudes who don't use their hands for nothing but scratching their balls. that would probably keep em soft.

@Sheila: naw she don't think it's cute anymore. after the showing up at the studio thing she's telling me to talk to her and shit about be inappropriate. it was only a matter of time.

and you aint lying about the big guys. i got killed this past wed. dude was HUGE. knocked the shit out of me like 6 times. like i was laying there seeing & talking to Jesus.

Mel said...

Aight. Next time I roll through your neck of the woods I'll bring you some.

And I never said that you don't read books.