Tuesday, May 1, 2012


ok so i suck. i'm averaging 1 blog a month. and i have no new excuses so *hangs head low in shame*

i logged in today to post some random shit and got met with all this new shit on blogger. i can't even figure out how to get to my actual blog without typing in the url after i've signed in. sad, but true.

anyway. i've been issued a new challenge from my girl freckles. as y'all know my ass didn't even complete the LAST challenge i had which is totally ridiculous because i actually wrote like 3 in advance and didn't even post them. so i'm gonna just time them to post then i'll look into this new challenge i've been issued. i may not be a timely mofo, but i am a finisher. and if i say i'ma do something. i'ma do it.

and yes i know the manfive's have been on the cusp of #100 for like half a year. i again, suck. i acknowledge that at the beginning of this post. what else do you want from me blood?...

anyway this is just an update. i'm coming back y'all i really am. with a vengeance. and it's gonna be better than Spartacus: vengeance cause that season sucked donkey balls and i really mean it.

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Garry said...

Umm bruh man...Thats all I got smh...going to go read the other posts...