Tuesday, May 1, 2012

who got the soap?

so most of you who've been in an adult relationship and NOT lived at home with your parents...have had the "sleep over" where the person you're in a relationship with spends the night at your place.

so i'm not 100% up on the "spend the night" etiquette, but i try my best. when my chick comes down here (remember we're in a long distance relationship) i try to have all the basic covered. she has a toothbrush, shower cap, aloe vera and other different chick toiletries laying around my bathroom. i'm not a cheater so  i have no reason to hide or put these things away when she's not around.
but one thing i'm so unsure about is the SOAP.

now when she comes i always wash the towel and have a new one laying out for her. i usually give her my bathroom too, because we shower at the same time before leaving out and if i were to be in the shower with her no one would be getting clean..if you know what i mean. so the soap that's in the shower is hers. and i always buy a new bar of soap when she comes down. even though we're swapping spit. savoring one another's body....well to keep this PG i'll just say "fluids are involved. something to me just doesn't sit right leaving my bar of soap in the tub or saving her bar of soap from her last visit. so without thought i'll just lay out a new bar of soap along with the towels like at an hotel.

but when she leaves i'm left with a full bar of soap. just sitting there in the shower. waiting to be used. so do i toss it or use it? cause i'm a man. and men can't phantom throwing useful shit away. so my ass be in there using it when she leaves. is this wrong....? or is my mentality soap is soap a correct way of thinking?

clean but, confused in atlanta


sunshinestar110 said...

yuuuckk!! Toss it!!!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

Throw away a whole bar of soap.....why?

Monique said...

Toss a whole bar of soap? No way! You better use that sucker.

Freckles said...

i dont use bar soap. i am a shower was type of chick but i generally hae bar soap for those that use it. if you dont use what is it there for?

DianaBoss said...

Why would you throw the soap away. It's soap. Soap is clean. WTF? I'm confused as shit right now. And @Sunshinestar has me even more confused. Am I nasty cause I don't understand what's nasty? I feel mad embarrassed right now for not understanding what's so gross about it. She's black right? Cause I know most white people don't use wash clothes and rub the soap directly on their bodies which I'm not down with and could then understand. And if both you and your girlfriend do that I'm even more confused.

sunshinestar110 said...

You know u are never gonna use it, so u just gonna let it sit around and collect dust. You need to start buying shower gel...something in a bottle that u can continue to use after she is gone

sunshinestar110 said...

@dianaboss i just don't like to reuse it..ive always been that way...the thought of where it has been bothers been...i toss them but i buy shower gel so we don't have that problem