Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1...2...3...strikes you're out

so if you follow me on twitter, or pay attention to any of my excuses from the previous post. i told y'all my son is in little league this year. *proud father moment*

yea, a lot of you are like baseball? boring... and to many people it is. i guess i grew up playing baseball. well i grew up playing everything, except baseball was the one thing i could continue playing after everyone hit their growing spurt but me.

it is the short man's game. i played from 5 years old til i was in college. i actually was pretty damn good. and got a few offers to play minor league baseball. i opted for college instead. no regrets.
but i've regained my love for the game now with my son playing. first day out he was kinda "wah wah wah". that was pretty much the story with everyone's kids. but i took my son home and started practicing with him. first day he was hitting the ball, no tee. then i started throwing the ball to him, and showing him how to stop it. tossing it back and forth trying to teach him how to throw it. now my son is mr. baseball. dude has surpassed all the other kids to the point where the other father's are trying to make "play dates" so i can help their son's. umm yea. me and my son are on "no dude play date" diets. so as i turn them down i can feel the hate radiate off their children as well as them. i've even been named assistant coach in hopes that i will help the other kids. but is it wrong for me to want to focus on my son? i'm throwing balls to him then the coach is telling him to go to another station while i'll help the other kids. i mean all that is cool...i'm not saying i can't help the other kids. but helping them while my son is playing is distracting. i can't take pictures.and y'all know i am a picture taking fool when it comes to my son. so i'm stuck with my mom's pictures (she NEVER zooms in so all of her pictures look like they are taking from the last row of a rock concert) as well as my son's mom's pictures. where i am in half of them, but cut out cause she doesn't want a picture with me in it. lol. so all of his pictures you'll see my leg. my arm. side of my face. my back. me looking down...etc. so with the combination of those two...i'm coming up empty.

all jokes aside, i love it though. i love spending time with my son. i love that he's excited about a game that i used to love. and i'm blessed and happy i'm able to share this with him. i honestly felt that due to my MS, i might miss out on doing this kind of things with him. so i thank God for allowing me these kind of moments and memories because when taken for granted you never realize how much you'd miss them if you couldn't do them.

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Monique said...

Yay for baseball! My little guy is in his first year of tee ball and he is the BEST hitter on the team. No seriously, he is. I say focus on your son. I'm sure the other kids could use some help but this bonding time for your guys.