Monday, July 27, 2009

i'm a flirt...

well actually an ex-flirt. how does one become an ex-flirt? get a girlfriend. she'll put a end to that shit real quick. it's crazy because that used to be one of my best qualities. i was well, um..very charming.
i think i'm still pretty damn charming now, just can't throw the compliments around like i used to. i'm not complaining. i mean i feel like as long as i have someone to flirt with, it should satisfy my "flirt" gene. but i think w/o it i have eliminated one of my greater qualities.
what you have to understand about me is, i am an equal opportunity flirt. old, young, fat, skinny, whatever race, etc. etc. my only requirement you be 18 & older female. not a "i wanna get in your drawz" flirter. just a simple, put a smile on your face flirter. make you feel good about yourself flirter. what's weird is although i've retired my flirting...women still think me being nice is flirting. what's the difference between being nice & speaking and flirting? i've been told numerous times me talking to women in the grocery store is flirting. me laughing at a joke that "the person on the phone" thinks isn't funny is me flirting. my ratio of female to male on my media outlets is me flirting. it's like...for real?
if the way i'm acting now is flirting. yall don't have any clue what flirting is. because i was a professional flirt, who could sweet talk a nun out of her convent. this shit right here is just me, can't change this. seems like you dislike my personality not my flirting.


~Sheila~ said...


Fortunately, for me, my husband doesn't get all crappy and think I'm flirting with ANYONE.
He knows I'm nice. He knows I will talk to any and everyone. I'm not flirting but to people who don't know me, they think I am.
It's simply my personality.

I got a free phone just by talking to the guy on the phone from T-mobile and asking him some questions about an old phone I have. Once we started laughing and cracking jokes I knew I had him. I wanted a cheap free one and I wasn't even eligible to get one until April. I was needing a phone for Dom and he sent me a free one and made sure to credit my account for $90.00.

I won't change my personality for anyone. Otherwise, I won't be me.

I suggest you don't change for anyone, either.

Beyond Danielle said...

No there's nothing wrong with being nice and flirting and being nice have nothing to do with the other.