Monday, July 13, 2009

i'm back on this bitch...

yall have to excuse me. i was going through a health crisis. it's not over, but it's more bearable so.."here i is" just as ignorant as ever!

i'm surprised i haven't been arrested yet. i've been having tons of violent outburst in my head. kinda ally mcbealish. i'm on some punch a ninja for saying "hi" shit these days.

yes, i know i need Jesus. i also need some liquor. due to all this shit in my system i'm only getting high on shit from the pharmacy on a regulated schedule. so let's add this up...

health crisis...check!
no liquor...check!
no sex....check!

= a very irritable, cranky, violent minded individual.

beware of my blog wrath...i'd get all kind of ignorant right now if my mom wasn't sitting in my face annoying the fuck out of me. i love her, but for's time to peace it up. if not we about to be boxing..and i'm not just talking about on the wii. just kidding i wouldn't fight my mama.....but i'm saying.


Beyond Danielle said...

health crisis... check
no liquor... check
no sex... check
no prescription drugs... check

looks like we're on the same page

LOL!!!! I call my situation bipolarism

~Sheila~ said...

WOW.. I totally missed this one. I guess I should have checked for some further mention of your mom since you were twittering about her.
How many pics of her baby did she take anyway?
Really, you gotta love a moms for being there when your health is in jeopardy and also for ignoring the fact that you are MUCH BETTER NOW and don't really need us anymore...for the time being.
We play that off well and get the most out of our visits. I will be going into that mode soon.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

@beyonddanielle: well i can't add bipolorism to my list yet. but maybe it's coming.

@sheila: my mom has documented my whole ordeal. i'm like wtf are you gonna do with this shit? who are you gonna sell this to?