Friday, June 17, 2011

10 things a man should say to his woman...

10 things a man should say to women...that should be accepted at face value. without discussion.

#10. "i got that."

the check, the bills, the door, the umbrella, your back, your hand..EVERYTHING..

#9. "i appreciate you"

the little things, the big things, you being in my life, you making me feel loved. thank you for all you do & for being you.

#8: "you're beautiful"

i see beauty in every part of you. in everything you do. don't ever doubt yourself, always know that there is someone (me) who thinks you're beautiful. and sees that beauty from the inside to the outside.

#7: "i want to make love"

i want that connection. that closeness. that intimacy that can only be shared when love is present. i want to feel the places my eyes can't see. and reach the places no one has ever reached before. i want to make you feel good & loved.

#6: "i'm sorry"

for things i've done, for things i will do. i hate to upset you. i hate to disappoint you. and more than anything, i hate to hurt you. please accept my apology, forgive me.

#5: "will you marry me?"

i've come to the point in my life where i cannot phantom life without you. you deserve this commitment. you deserve this next step. you deserve the incredible man i plan to be for you. i want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

#4: "i feel so lucky...."

being with you is beyond amazing. you make me feel like i have something special, someone special. all these men out here, and you're with me. i can't believe how blessed i am.

#3: "you're the only woman for me..."

no other woman in my past compares to you. no other woman i could ever meet could take my eyes, heart, or love from you. all i need is you.

#2: "i miss you"

i find myself thinking about you all the time. all types of thoughts, all times of day. your voice, your touch, your eyes..your ooh. i miss you, even when you walk away for a minute.

#1: " i love you"

3 simple words sum up everything that's on my heart and in my soul. i don't take the feelings i have for you for granted. i don't chalk it up to infatuation or lust. they roll off my tongue, with ease. and i want to say it to you until you get tired of hearing them. i pray you'll never grow tired of hearing them..


DianaBoss said...

I love your posts and hate them all at the same time. Well I don't hate your post but the fact that you talk about all this great love that I've never seen. I have gotten about two of the ten ever. WHERE ARE THESE MEN YOU SPEAK OF!?

krissy said...

I've gotten all of these in the past 2 months! I love it and I never question it. Bf might make me upset at times but I never question how much he loves me and the fact that he'd do anything for me and jas even if we weren't together anymore. That's genuine.

Monique said...

It would be nice to get all these, at the same time, from the same person and they truly mean it. I'm just saying...

I do love when you do these types of posts.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I love this least the guy in my dreams tells me these things. Now if only he could materialize into someone tangible I'd be happy.

Piph said...

love it! as always

sunshinestar110 said...

for the most part i can say I get all those things minus the "will you marry me" i never thought twice about any of those things until today and realized maybe he is a

and fyi i'm about to rape your blog its alot of things i've continue on!

Peachy said...

"I want to feel the places my eyes can't see"...This statement alone is so damn sexy...and sensual. Gave me a vivid visual.



tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@dianaboss: these men are everywhere. this is shit all men at some point need to be saying to a woman. and if you've only gotten 2 of the 10..hold out till you get all 10. because trust, even if a guy can't express himself..this is basic shit that he should be able to commuincate in some form or fashion to you.

@krissy: shut up and get married

@monique: thanks..and you could get all this at the same time from one person. just have to find that right person. because when he finds you, he won't be able to NOT say these things to you.

@starrla monae: when he materalizes you're gonna be sitting there like, "oh this dude is hiding something...." lol. cause yall ladies don't want to believe a guy when he does get all real with yall..

@ piph: thanks, as always

@sunshinestar110: you raping my blog would be/is

@peachy: ooooooh

@nikkie reign:aw..thank you.

Eyes On The Prize (eyesOTP) said...

I'm all late coming over here. Yeah reading this post inspires me, but it also makes me said at the same time.

LOL @ Starla Monae though. I think I with her on that.

Beautiful words. You might be right that I may not believe a guy when he 'gets all real'. You're not sure what to believe anymore. I like the words and all that, but show and prove. Back up your words with actions. That speaks louder than words --- at least to me.