Thursday, December 16, 2010

#twitterkills thursday 46

been a while since, i did a #twitterkill.

#twitterkills thursday 46 topic of the week: don't follow me: girlfriend/boyfriend edition

this one is dedicated to ppl who don't follow their girlfriend/boyfriends on twitter. i know..."it complicates things.."

only if you're hiding shit.

maybe i'm just a man scorned. but, i was in a relationship with someone who got on a social network, and pretty much let everyone but me know she was seeing someone else. why didn't i know? um..because i trusted her. not saying, you can't trust girlfriends/boyfriends on social networks. what i'm saying is...if you're in a relationship you shouldn't have private shit.

ok, i know i lost some of yall. but i'm saying. i'm not saying you shouldn't have privacy. or that your other half should stalk your shit. what i am saying is, if i wanna see your timeline, facebook, myspace on any given day..there shouldn't be a problem. if there is a problem, then that is a red flag. if i can't follow you, then that is a red flag. if your family follows you. your offline friends follow you. you co-workers follow you. but there is a problem if i follow you, then that is a red flag.

point of this rant? know what i'm talking about. a woman will be all in our stuff. on our twitter. on our facebook. she knows your top 20 myspace friends. she's even been to their pages. she'll be in your email. she'll go through your phone. she checks your bookmarks on your browser. she even unravels your receipts and looks at what you ordered from mcdonalds (her: "why you order 2 big macs?" "um..i was hungry?"). women check any interaction you have with other people. men, don't really do this...yet, women feel like their privacy is above question. if i ask my chick a question about any of her friends, her twitter/facebook, etc....i get a screw face.

hmmm...*pulling out my snowgun*....*pointing it at you* ....*freeze*


arnetta.gordon said...

This is soooooooooo true... I have friends who arent friends with their dudes/girls because they say its unnecessary drama. I dont see how... my husband has never been a social network bug BUT he has my password to every account I have (FB, Twitter(deleted now), etc.). The girls says other women dont respect their relationship and will write baby and other stuff just to stir up trouble. My advice is ALWAYS to tell their dude to check the womena and if they still act up... DELETE AND BLOCK them. Voila. Problem solved. Needless to say, they dont listen. #destinedforBREAKUP lol

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Now...I can completely agreeeeeee with you!
Ive seen many relationships suffer because of the privacy factor and social networking sites.

See, people think social networks cause relationship problems...I disagree. In my opinion, its the PEOPLE who cause the problems most times! There is often times, a LOT of disrespect throughout these sites as well as sneaky people who want to hide any dirt.

I had a conversation with my ex recently (we are still friends) and he said, if he gets with anyone, the social networking would have to calm down...I can see his point.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Welcome the hell back! Gosh! You better have a busy life or something!

Anyway, yeah...not following each other is just foolishness because you're going to find some kind of way to spy on whatever they are updating and if you see something that doesn't seem quite right, it's going to start some trouble. I agree with SJ...the people are the ones ruining their own relationships. Social networking has nothing to do with it. Insecurity is where it starts and blowing everything out of proportion is what fuels that fire.

Someone asked if your s/o could have access to your phone, email, FB, Twitter passwords w/o there being a big deal about it. Ummm YEAH. I have nothing to hide. I would hope he wouldn't either.

Monique said...

Folks are kidding themselves. If they want to look, look and follow. All that hiding is pointless because trust me, I've known men who snoop just as much as women. It's sad but my advice is don't say tweet something you wouldn't say in a room full of people.

Anonymous said...

Its very true. My ex(sperm donor) when myspace was popular was my friend on there and I was his, but once he added me, he stopped using his myspace, ol sneaky ass. But he was sneakin a mackin other chicks on tere and has a secret FB page smh. Point is, they can let u in and still sneak around low key.