Saturday, December 4, 2010

 as a boy. one of my early memories was asking my uncle what the 
A Φ A on his forearm stood for. 

he told me, he was a member of the oldest. and the coldest. the first african american fraternity incorporated. i didn't know then, but 15 years later i'd be able to say the same.
my dad is a Sigma.
my mom an AKA
many thought i'd pledge the blue
and this is what i say..

i love my A phi
i love my A phi
i love my A phi
     A Φ A

104 years...and still the oldest. and the coldest.


Anonymous said...

haha learn something new everyday...did not know you were an Alpha. However, HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY

Monique said...

Skee-Phi! Happy Founders Day.

Anonymous said...

I knew... & I forgot... Happy Founders Day SG!

PS: Why was I typing "ThaUnpretentiousNarcissist" when trying to type in the link to your blog? Smh...

Mo said...

I'm gonna need to see you step one of these days when your not too afraid to fly to Seattle or I go to visit my brother in GA.

Mo said...

Oh good lord, that was supposed to be you're and not your. Check myself before I wreck myself!