Saturday, February 11, 2012

i'm late, but yanno you still care.

so i was tagged by two of my buddies (that i know of....if anyone else tagged me lemme know) eons ago. yes, i'm late. what's new? i'm known for coming back months later and commenting on an old post you forgot you even wrote. this is just how i do. . .

what kind of blog friend would i be to get  tagged and not reply? not. a. very. good. one.

so here go my tagged reply minus the actual tagging of everyone else because i'm sure you all got tagged and did this shit a while ago and i'm on the late bus and it would be kinda stupid and lame for me to be issuing out freeze tags after everyone has put their bikes away and went home.


  • must post rules (i'm already breaking the rules cause i just finished saying i wasn't tagging no one).
  • you must post 11 random things about yourself
  • answer the quesstions set for you in their post
  • create 11 questions for people you've taggd (i'm not tagging but i'll create some questions, feel free to answer either in this post or on your blog & let me know)
  • go to their blog and tell them they're tagged (again, all are invited)
my random things:
  1. essence atkins annoys me for some odd reason, dunno why just can't stand her ass
  2. i hate movies dealing with the devil, ghost, possessions, or freddy kruger...not a fan
  3. peanut m&m's were put on this earth to get inside my belly
  4. i download apps for my phone, android tablet, ipad2, google tv that i never or rarely use..i see a new one and think, "that's cool..i might need that"
  5. i LOVE onions. i eat them on & in everything
  6. my girlfriend thinks i got a thing for goldie hawn & whoopie golberg because i swear neither have ever made a bad movie & they crack me the fuck up. i even watch kate hudson movies soley because she's goldie hawn's daughter. 
  7. last february you couldn't pay me to get on an airplane..but a few weeks ago i took  14 hour flight to bora bora with my dudes for a weekend (baby steps --> bigfoot steps)
  8. i have key locks on every door of my house except the bathrooms and closets
  9. i'm the "jason pitts" of my crew. . . not a 2 for 1 at the sizzler jason pitts, but i'm the only one who will not spend money when i think i'm being ripped off. just cause you got money doesn't mean you should be dumb and wasteful. 
  10. i love fitted caps..i have one on 90% of the time. not hiding a fading hairline, odd shaped head, or a bald spot..just "my thing"
  11. i'd rather piss outside than use a public restroom.
ok, i said i was tagged twice, but i didn't see any questions on the first person's blog so here goes the answers to my girl starrla monae's questions:

1. What inspires you?  God  and my son,...i want to do things because there are so many things to do. so many ways to do them. it fascinates me, makes me want to do better, be better. feel like God's given me endless possibilities and my son makes me want to seek them endlessly.
2. What is your earliest childhood memory? my second christmas tearing up the toys my dad spent all night putting together and getting in trouble for it.
3. What is your favorite thing to cook/eat? favorite thing to eat...saulsberry steak. favorite thing to cook..cornish hens (only cause i'm amazed that it ends up looking & tasting so good)
4. What's the name of your favorite book?  The Lord of the Rings books 
5. Do you remember your first love? of course, who forgets their first love? 
6. What is your dream job? i'm living my dream job. i'm a father & i'm music. 
7. Do you have any phobias? used to be airplanes. now it's just ants. i am very uneasy about ants. any other bug...might not like it but i'm cool. but ants make my skin crawl.
8. If you had to lose one of your five senses, which one would it be? probably taste. don't get me wrong, i like to taste things. but living without the other one's don't know if i could do that. not to mention then i could eat anything...even healthy shit and be uneffected.
9. Are you left handed or right handed? naturally right handed, some how some way i've willed myself to be left handed and i can actually use both.
10. Do you have any hidden talent? tons of hidden talent. but telling you would make that statement i can't share it.
11. If you won $500,000 what would you do with it? put it in the bank and keep it moving..

ok, here's my 11 questions for whoever's down:

  • if there was no heaven or a hell, would you change the way you live you life?
  • what is the most embarrasing question you've ever been asked?
  • what was your first thought the first time you saw someone of the opposite sex naked?
  • movie smash: if you could pick 2 actors/actresses in their best roles ever what kind of movie would it be? (example: precious tries on mrs. celie's folk pants and finds out they really are one size fits all)
  • would you rather be bitten by a bear or a shark?
  • describe your first kiss.
  • what is/was your favorite age & why?
  • what is your biggest pet peeve?
  • what is your favorite post from my blog?
  • what would be worse walking in on your parents having sex or on your kids having sex?
  • if eating shit made you smarter & you had to take a test in order to graduate would you eat it ir fail (only options)?  


Krissy said...

Sadly, I knew pretty much all the answers to your randoms lol

Answers to your questions.

Nope, wouldn't change a thing

"How come you don't suck my balls?"

"Ewww" I was a young and it was my brother ugh!

Skipping this mash up question

A bear

Wet and nasty. I was 13 and he was a very sloppy kisser

My current age 31 is my favorite age. I love getting older. I just keep getting better looking #vain


Your random romantic poem type blogs are my favs. I cant pick just one.

Kids. I have walked in on my parents getting it in before. I was grossed out but when I think back on it. I'm glad they were/are still that into eachother

I don't fail so eating shit would have to be on the menu.

what is your light? said...

1) I don't believe in heaven or hell. but if there WAS a heaven and hell, that wouldn't change how i live my life.

2) earliest childhood memory is moving the house in southfield. i was 3, i remember eating little caesar's.

3) 1st person i saw naked: omg this is really happening! yes!

4) some type of sci-fi, dark romantic comedy with mike ealy and nona gaye

5) Neither

6) pre-school...but 1st 'real' kiss i was 13 at music camp. it was this boy i had a mean crush on. although i had a meaner crush on his big brother :-/

7) 17 was an awesome year. encompassed the last 2 months of h.s., and 1st year of college.

8) pet peeve = vehement ignorance

9) your "love" posts...not the ones about particular situations, or man fives, but just when you wax philosophical about love.

10) in my case it would depend on how old the kids were.

11) fail...there are always make up opportunities. i think it's funny that ol girl above me said eating shit, b/c she doesn't fail. i'm sure she's failed at something in life, at least once. but i sincerely hope she's never eaten shit.

soooo whitney houston died, and i took it kinda deep. and you suck for not doing my challenge. goodbye.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

@krissy: still smh @ the "suck balls" queston..

@whatisyourlight: I did not-not do your challenge. It's been a busy ass few days & you icing two of my favorite/best subject has made it har d to think straight. I got my first post of your challenge starting tomorrow & you'll see why tomorrow. Trust me I've thought long & hard and I'm gonna get deep w/ this challenge. And I actually took her passing deep too, more on that to come as well.

Krissy said...

@whatisyourlight he said test and meaning school and graduating. I've never failed in school ever and never plan to lol. I'm life, sure everyone had failed but that wasn't his question